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Men for ages have loved to be outdoors, be it hunting from prehistoric times to the modern busy world where they are doing adventure sports to unleash their inner passion. To take you on these exciting journeys, woodland has dedicated its brand to making excellent outdoor shoes for men of all ages.

Woodland was first launched to make weather-specific shoes in Canada and Russia. They were previously winter boots, to begin with. But with time and the arising need, the company has watered down its limited designs to varieties of designs that will suit any climate and any place.

Woodland has made a mark on outdoor adventure travel and its shoes are especially mad for that. With premium-quality leather and hard outer bindings, these shoes case your feet and prevent injury when you are high up in the mountains. Men, for a long time, have preferred woodland  as their travel buddy instead of other fashionable shoes.

Woodland brand has created a massive brand loyalty with hardy boots never seen before. The factories, once located in Canada are now widespread in Asia and the middle east. These shoes have gained a huge market in India and Dubai. Earlier, the leather was imported from Russia but now they are regionally sourced. Like in India, the leather comes from the tanneries in Ludhiana and other western regions.

Woodland shoes are made to provide extreme protection to the feet while you travel around. Customers who have worn woodland once say that each pair lasts almost 5 to 6 years, and the leather doesn’t go bad in the rainy season. They have also said that they feel as if their feet are protectively caged. They don’t feel cold in extreme winter months.

Woodland shoes are no doubt excellent but due to the need to make those shoes hardy and protective, some shoes may seem a little heavy on the feet at first, but they adjust after wearing for some time. This brand may seem on the backburner to other brands but globally they have popularity with almost 75% of turnover coming from India. For all the Chak de Indians out there, this brand was founded by an Indian named Avatar Singh. It became a huge success in India. Now, the brand is making newer style shoes for young people, but their boots are classic.

Here is a list of the woodland shoes we have loved

Creek boots-

A robust and rugged pair to travel high terrain. It’s an outdoor activity shoe with a hush ankle style.1 3 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Nomad camel-

Mid- ankle camel colour casual outdoor shoe. This is made of durable oiled matte nubuck. With lace-up details, the boots have anti-corrosive metal fittings protecting feet from lace pressure.2 3 You Need Comfort in Footwear

GRNSH casual sneakers-

Well their sneakers look monstrous too. This shoe is in style with modern sneakers with a rugged look. Perfect for long walks around the city and look trendy too.3 3 You Need Comfort in Footwear


We love this shoe because of its sporty feature.It’s kind of a suede-style shoe with branding on sides that adds texture. It offers superior comfort and flexibility to the feet.4 3 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Wild west BSNAYPE-

Saharan adventure! flaunt with this high ankle, snape colour outdoor shoe. It has a solid pattern and lace-up details. The sole is shock absorbent and allows you to grip effortlessly on muddy and rocky terrains.

5 3 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Excursion boots-

These shoes have an all-over solid pattern. Provide excellent traction on muddy and rocky terrains. The rubberized foam padding provides comfort and support to ankles. It comes in different colours.

6 3 You Need Comfort in Footwear

These shoes come under hiking boots and trekking boots. But there is a range of new casual sneaker style shoes and sportswear that can surely complement your wardrobe collection. This includes woodland Tennis Navy shoes, athletics, Mammoth, Day Day casuals, etc.

There is also a formal section of woodland where they provide shoes to go with tuxedos and coats. Formal attire is the goal. They have styles in Oxford, Boat, Loafers, Brogues, etc. To make choices comfortable for men, they have their flip-flops and sandals to slippers too. Seems like they know what men need and they can find the requirement in their varied categories. The brand has been made with strong men in mind.

For more information on the different types of shoes, visit the official store of woodland.

Strong men need strong shoes.

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