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Adventure travel, hiking, trekking, and all possible nature hunt requires you on the prowl. From month-long camping on mountains to spending nights in the jungle, your feet carry you over the dangerous tracks and bring you home. It’s high time to realize what is best for your soul. Woodland is a company that has been making adventure shoes for since long. These shoes are designed only to support these types of extreme travel. The shoes are distinct from all other brands in a lot of ways. Let’s first take a glimpse of the background of these hardy companions.

Woodland’s parent company, Aero group has been a well-known name in the outdoor shoe industry since the 50s. the company was founded in Quebec (Canada) and entered the Indian market in 1992. There is a surprise here that the company has Indian roots because it was founded by Avatar Singh in Canada. At that time the company produced winter boots for Canada and Russia. The brand came into full-fledged existence with the launch of the first handstitched leather shoe. Now woodland is equivalent to high-quality leather shoes. They speak leather in every form.

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The spirit of adventure among people led to more rise in the popularity of these shoes when people came to know that there is an exclusive brand making adventure boots. Woodland creates truly functional solutions for any outdoor and adventure enthusiasts.

Talking about the shoes, they are purely made of leather, no compromises have ever been done in this signature character of the shoes even now. We may be doubtful to think that leather may not be a good material for outdoor activities. Since leather needs to be protected from water. Woodland has defied this limitation by making its shoes suitable for harsh climates. A good pair of woodland lasts four to five years easily (my pair lasted for ten years, no joking, I was forced to throw it away since it was not allowing me subconsciously to buy a new pair of shoes). Unlike other formal leather shoes, one wears, woodland requires much lesser care. As if it manages well itself.

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Woodland with its hardy, well-curated, solid shoes has pushed adventure to new levels. Undoubtedly, it’s a shoe not meant for everyone. I will tell why,

First, these shoes are generally not sleek or fine by design, they are monstrous offering extreme protection to the feet. They do their job fine. Wearing a woodland kind of feels like locking your feet in a soft cushioned prison that has a stone covering outside. It often happens that the foot twists inside the shoe when stepping wrong. Rest assured, no matter what happens, your feet are safe from injuries if you are wearing woodland. The outer covering is so hard that one even won’t feel anything if someone kicks on the feet, or something falls over it.

Second, these shoes do not go with every outfit, their designs will look good with adventure apparel and outdoor clothes. Surely you will not find a tuxedo-clad gentleman in woodland.

Third, these shoes are generally on the heavier side because of all the leather they use and the hard sole they have. So, it’s better to walk properly in a store before buying them. Many do not feel comfortable wearing heavy shoes but it is necessary when hiking or trekking, good weight on the feet keeps one balanced and grounded and reduces the chance of tripping over on slanting surfaces. If one has experience with woodland, they can buy from online stores as well.

Fourth, the women category of woodland, often called ‘woods’ have some flats and sandals which is an exception to leather shoes, but this category is still limited so women may not find too many of a choice there. But otherwise, the company has focused on unisex shoe designs, and therefore if you must climb a mountain, you must go for a woodland. If you can carry a woodland, go for it, there’s nothing like the shoe won’t give you what you expect. The price range varies but you usually can get a good pair at discount. Indian woodland brings its leather from tanneries in Jalandhar and manufactures it in Noida. Although the company has factories all over the world.

One of the greatest social responsibilities handled and executed by woodland is its use of recycled papers in the manufacturing process. From the name tags to business cards and the boxes, all are manufactured from 100% recycled paper. The company is environmentally conscious, which is also represented by its logo, the tree. It stands for both nature-related activities and nature-friendly activities. Woodland has collaborated with ProPlanet to drive the generation of adventurers towards the conservation of nature. So next time you are wearing a woodland, remember the number of trees that you have saved and the eco-friendly processes that went behind in the process.

Carry the world with you with WOODLAND.

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