Why do you Need Comfort in Shoes ??

Comfort Shoes for Men: Have you ever wondered why you are at one point and unable to move on? Have you been practicing sports for several months and you don’t see any effects? Maybe you leave your comfort zone too rarely and therefore no visible results.

77 You Need Comfort in Footwear

The comfort zone is a psychological concept. This concept describes a state in which we feel good and are reluctant to leave it. During the activities we feel confident and safe, which minimizes stress and all risks.

Let us ask ourselves at this point the question: Why is it worth leaving this convenient zone? We feel so good after all. The answer is very simple: If we don't get out of our comfort zone, we won't make any progress. The assumption of development is the so-called eustress. It is a technical term for positive stress that supports, not burdens.

11 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Let’s consider the example below: Suppose you are not fit and start exercising regularly. However, you never reach the performance limit. What happens then? You will make progress for a while, but after a period of time you will stay on the same point because you are not setting a higher bar for yourself. After a while, you will also notice that a certain routine has crept in and it lowers your motivation.

55 You Need Comfort in Footwear
Constantly set the bar for yourself. New challenges will increase your motivation.

Comfort as a Goal of Life 

Today, comfort is the goal of life, it is a value that many people strive for. However, this can lead to a significant problem. When you get rich, you will buy yourself all the beautiful things you absolutely want to have. Often these are items that you do not need at all, they are just a promise of comfort and safety. As soon as you own them, you will move in the comfort zone. Note: Convenience and comfort kill motivation.

Myths and Fairy Tales

Even in fairy tales and myths, it can be seen that development is possible only outside the comfort zone. The protagonist often had to experience risky adventures, he is often satisfied with his situation and does not want to change it (He is in the comfort zone). Eventually, he lets himself be persuaded and experiences various adventures (then he leaves the comfort zone). Only thanks to the experienced adventures does he become a great hero, whose stories are passed down from generation to generation. Who would know Hercules today, with twelve jobs to do if he had stayed at home?

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You are wondering why we don't leave our comfort zone too often? The answer is fear. The moment you make the decision to move beyond your safe world, there is one more thing you need to do: accept your fears. The origin of this fear is hidden deep in our brain. Our limbic system is responsible for this. Leaving the comfort zone is always associated with a change. This poses a threat to the reasoning of our limbic system. Maybe a dangerous one is just around the corner

33 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Great balance

Let’s look at it from a different perspective. Nothing stays the same, everything changes sooner or later. Life means change; to live is to adapt to these changes or to hide in your own comfort zone. This applies to all areas of life: in the family, at work, with physical exertion, … As soon as we stop adjusting and exposing ourselves to new stimuli, we fall down.

66 You Need Comfort in Footwear

How to break through?

it doesn't take much to break. At the beginning, a conscious decision to leave the comfort zone. It has the following advantages:
You experience new sensations. Things you didn't know existed before.
You should broaden your own horizons. The more you experience, the more you develop. Emotional maturity and wisdom emerge over time.
Only in this way can you overcome your own doubts. Doubts stay with us until we try and do what we have long thought about. We often come to the conclusion that it is not that difficult and the doubts will disappear.
It's best to leave the comfort zone with small steps. The limbic system doesn't rebel so much then. You can try a new restaurant or order a dish that you have never eaten before. You can run fifty meters on your next training session. After all, your imagination knows no bounds. With these small measures, slowly but surely increase your comfort zone and you will certainly experience new sensations.

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