White Shoes : Evergreen trend

White Shoes : Evergreen Trend

White color is superior and a pure color which looks elegant and aesthetic by itself. The white colored shoes look all the more gorgeous. The best part about them is they look good on any outfit and are very much fashionable. White is bright and easily spotted which increases the attractiveness of a person.

Popular White shoes

White colored sneakers for men and women are widely popular and are used by many of them. They look sharp and can be paired with any colored outfit. Even if different style trends become outdated, the white sneakers always remain in the hearts of the people. They are still the most bought shoes in the footwear industry. Some of the all time best sneakers that you can check out here are :

  1. Nike Air Force 1 : These sneakers are the iconic ones of the  Nike brand and are super comfortable, the upper is made of synthetic and leather material. The design looks cool with amazing grip on the soles.White shoes

  2. Adidas ultra boost 2.0 :  already loved white colored sneakers touched the sky rocket when Kanye west made a public appearance in them. The laces look really good and it gives a firm look with solid grip. The toe area has little lift which differentiates it’s look from others.White shoes

  3. Vans authentic sneakers :  These have simple style and the no high heel version looks really classy, they are elegant with less number of laces and are type of slip ons. They have waffle outsoles.

  1. HRX sneakers : These sneakers are made with special technology and high quality synthetic upper is a part of the shoe. Ankle support is provided by the cushion collar. They give the desired fit to the customer and the product is really fancy and a great product for gym or casual wear. They are really versatile and look great for workouts.

    White shoes


White colored running shoes are also preferred by the people as they look stunning, actually the dirt also indicates if the shoes are overused and it is the time for them to get a wash.

  1. Asian men’s wonder 13 sports running shoes are liked by many sportsmen mainly because of their durability and long lasting material and like how every running shoe must be they are lightweight and easy to maintain. They are washable so no need to worry.
  2. Reebok men pulse run xtreme Lp shoes : These shoes have a tinge of black to it in the form of strips and they are a bonus to the whole look, the sole is made of ethylene vinyl acetate and it has a synthetic upper. They are comfortable and a perfect partner for a run.
  1. PUMA unisex adult perforated shoes : Completely white running shoes with rubber sole and synthetic leather upper look lavish and it has perforated design which enhances the breathability of the shoes. The shoes have the right shape and give confidence to the wearer.


You might be surprised but men’ white colored flip- flops look really attractive and cool.

  1. Woodland flip flops

They are white flip flops with black straps, they are comfortable to the feet and have a rubber sole and are lightweight, they can be worn the whole day.

  1. FIip flops by crocs : these are easy to wear and it has a round toe design, the material used in the making of sole is EVA.White shoes

How to maintain the white shoes?

Maintaining the white footwear is also important, due to its colour it will obviously attract dirt. That is why it is important to clean them as you spot any dirt and mud on them. Washable shoes can be directly cleaned by using water and some amount of detergent.

Sneakers and running shoes can be washed using a toothbrush or a soft brush. Make sure you gently clean the shoes. Then dry the shoes in the sun for sometime, on unavailability of sunlight use a drier. Stains do not remain stuck to the footwear and with little effort they can be easily washed off. Various methods are advised by the experts to keep your white shoes clean and glowing.

Of Course you might feel there are plenty reasons to stay away from white footwear like them attracting dirt but the few ones to convince you in investing them are here:

White shoes give you the essential attention, whether you dress right or not but the white sneakers on your feet uplift the look making you look up to the mark.

If you are running late and don’t have the time to match your shoes with the outfit, you can simply wear white colored shoes and bet you they will look great and compliment the style hands down.

The funky colors and customizable designs will cost you a lot, instead the white color is pretty affordable and will rock your vibe efficiently. Also as the white color reflects heat they will keep your feet cool in the summers.

Be it pairing white on white or contrasting the white color with darker shades like black, blue they go with anything and everything. That is the best part about owning a crispy clean white footwear. White is a timeless color and remains in the trendy basket all year round so without thinking much you should go ahead with the shopping.white shoes

               White color looks radiating on men’s feet and they should consider this color in their wishlist, some products will do the job of maintaining the color and keeping the lustre alive. Suits, formal wear or casual outings rule every occasion.

We have discussed some of the many options which you could love, the mightiness and dominance of the colour white in the fashion world is known by all. So jump onto the trend and be a trend setter by stylish yourself in white shoes and your gorgeous clothing. I hope you have liked the article and have made up your mind to buy your favorite white shoes. Thank you so much for reading.


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