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Unc stands for: you need comfort which means you need comfort in the footwear which is really true and nowadays everyone seeks for comfort in their footwear. More than fashion, people want their shoes to be really good on the feet and there shouldn’t be any ill effects after wearing them. This leading shoe company operates in Himachal Pradesh and delivers the footwear to each and every part of the Country. They have a user friendly website from which you can order your favourite footwear. Just log in using your email id and you get registered on their website. The best part about this brand is you get multiple types of footwear for men, women and children under one roof and that too it is super affordable and the quality is out of question as it is an authentic brand with a motto of providing best quality material and comforting shoes at your doorsteps. They have discounts running on their website sometimes which you can definitely check out. Different payment options are available like the prepaid and cash on delivery systems and the first prepaid order provides free delivery isn’t it fantastic? So what are you waiting for? Pause here and first checkout their website ASAP.

Most popular shoes of UNC mart

Footwear for men:

  1.   Men’s loafers

Comfy slip on shoes are everyone’s favourite and the material is so stylish and appealing, it creates a long lasting impression. The cost effectiveness is the best part. It is a great footwear to be worn at formal functions. The brown coloured lustrous loafers are great as an office wear as these are lightweight and the sole is perfectly crafted for flexible movement of the feet. xMens Loafers 

  1.   Casual shoes

These are the daily wears which you can choose. The sole is strong and made of ethylene vinyl acetate. It has a slip-on closure and the heel height is 1 inch. The outer part of the shoe is covered with knit mesh which makes these shoes breathable. They have a sporty vibe and are made with durable material. The shoes will last you for a really long time and I would say they are a good investment to go ahead with. As I said earlier the shoes are cost effective and you won’t have to pinch your pockets.

Casual shoes

Women’s footwear


  1.   Maroon women fashion sandal

Maroon is a bold colour and it speaks for itself. Anyone would look gorgeous in them. The sole is made of rubber and leather, it is quite sturdy. Amazing feature is the anti- slip property of the sole. It gives you immense comfort and you can trust them blindly. For firmly securing the feet it has a buckle at the ankle. Its soft and durable leather should be the reason why you click on the buy now button. These are your lifesaver sandals with their subtle style and fashionable looks.

Maroon women fashion sandals

  1.   Slippers gold rose

 Shimmery straps and soft flat slippers look really pretty. The shiny part elevates the look elegantly and is too good to be true. These have flat soles and are comfort wears. These have ethnic touch to them and are versatile and can be mix matched with any kind of outfit. They are elastic making them great to wear on a daily basis and to make a stylish appearance in the summer season.slippers rose gold

  1.   Black sports shoes for women

These have a well balanced combination of black and white colour. With strips at the ankle they look really cool. It has an air max sole with rubber closure. They are meant for outdoor activities like running and jogging to make your workout session effortless. They will give you the right grip and comfortable feel. You will get them in different colours and patterns.

Black sports shoes for men

Shoes for kids

1.Unisex light shoes for kids

LED shoes for kids are super adorable, the LED is installed in the shoes to attract the kids and is an easy way for the parents to locate the kids. The white shoe with the combination of light looks very cute. It has a Velcro closure for easy adjustments. These are the best shoes for those tiny feet.

shoes for kids

  1. Princess shoes for girls

Lovely ankle length shoes for girls with a heel height of 0.5 centimeters. They have a furry top part which is the highlight of the shoes and the kids will find it highly attractive. It has a zip to make the adjustments. It is available in two designs both are equally pretty. The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber and it is comfortable to walk on and really soft just how the shoes for kids should be.

  1. Clogs for kids

Easy to wear clogs in colours like green, red, pink and yellow suitable as a rainy wear are present in UnC mart. These are meant for kids above 2 years of age and are super flexible and comfortable to wear. These have cute cartoons carved on them to increase the attractiveness of the footwear and also have LED lights installed in them.  Clogs have pores to allow better breathability. It has a strap which is used as a protection and to hold on to the tiny feet in a better way. These clogs are made of PU material and the sole is EVA based, which makes them light on weight.

Sizes for all the feet types are available and after placing the order you will get the parcel within 5-7 days. If you want to change the colour afterwards you can easily return the product within 14 days. Most importantly all the products are manufactured in India itself and what better than supporting the products of your own country.

 For kids, too, sizes for 1 month old to 12 months are available. Good quality material and amazing styles makes them a unique brand and an e- commerce site. So whenever you are about to shop for the most necessary item, don’t forget to check out this website as they have variable options at low price. Thank you so much.


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