Types of Footwear for men

We have always seen multiple options available for women’s footwear and not much emphasis is made on men’s footwear. But they do have shoes crafted for them.Here we have mentioned Types of Footwear for men for YOU |

Men with great sense of footwear are always charming and they have enough categories to choose from and look stylish. With the perfect outfit, you need beautifully made shoes to set the mood. To identify the shoes is a challenge as they differ only by little changes and to help you with it, I am here. Identification is important as it will help you in styling better and it’s always ideal to know what you are wearing. Without further ado let us see some of the footwear and how to style them?Men Footwear

Types of Footwear for Men

The names are as follows: oxford, Derby, Blucher, Chelsea boot, Loafer, Brogues, Chukka, Desert boot, Monk, Boat shoe.

  1. Oxford : this is a formal wear for men and is known as a type of dress shoe and it has a closed lacing style with the traditional lace design. They look stunning and usually one type of leather material is used in the stitching. These are a perfect wear for formal occasions and lustrous shoes look really fancy. They are worn on business wear like the suit or tuxedo with socks on.Men Footwear
  2. Derby : derby has opposite features and it has an open lacing system, in this case the flaps of the shoe are sewn under the vamp. Because of this type the flaps have easy movement and it becomes really flexible. At first it was used during adventure trips in the jungles and now it falls under the casual category. Another reason would be due to it’s comfortable fit, it becomes suitable for wearing in relaxed environments.Men Footwear
  3. Blucher : it is quite similar to derby and also has open lacing but the only difference is that the vamp is made using one piece of leather. The names of both the shoes are sometimes used interchangeably. This shoe was widely used by the army in Europe. The material used in the making of this type is leather. They are available in colours like brown, honey, black etc. they too fall under the semi-formal category and are popular among men. These can be paired with blazers for formal dinner parties.Men Footwear
  4. Chelsea boot : it is a type of ankle boot and got famous because of the band the Beatles, of course the fans try to imitate the style of their icons and that is how the boots were liked by many. These have a loop of fabric on the back of the shoe which helps the shoe to be pulled on. Some of the variants of these boots were out and are called riding boots. These look classy and can be worn with jeans as well as formals.Men Footwear
  5. Loafers : The most prefered slip-ons which fits the category of formals and non- formals. Loved due to the ease of wearing and comfortable material. The wide heel of this shoe is a key feature by which they are identified. These are versatile and are often seen paired with jeans and t-shirts. They even go well with formal attire.
  6. Brogues : these are modified versions of the above type of shoes and they have a perforated design lined along the edge of the leather. These are marketed in three types: full brogue, half brogue and a quarter brogue. All three types differ minutely from each other and are a great option when you want to go a little fancy.Men Footwear
  7. Chukka : these are ankle length boots and resemble derby’s in style. They have an open lacing system and can be made from either suede or calfskin. They are sturdy and look really stylish.
  8. Desert boot : it is a type of chukka boot and the material of which it is made is a crepe rubber sole. They were first seen in the year 1950. They have robust and simple designs and are a great option for a casual day. They look really pleasing to the eye. They come in colours like green and beige and are some great tones to pair the clothing with.
  9. Monk : this type of style has sidelined the lace system and chosen the strap and buckle version to secure the shoes. It either has a single strap which is called monk and if it uses two straps in the design then it is called a double monk. They are usually worn with socks that would look good otherwise too.Men Footwear
  10.  Boat shoe : another name for them is deck shoes and they were essentially worn in a boat and get their name from there. They are made of canvas or leather. The soles are made of rubber which are anti- slip. The soles have good grip to prevent slipping on the wet deck. These are functional shoes and were worn for a purpose. Now they are worn casually by the people of coastal areas. They have laces for a better fitting. They can be styled with jackets and tees.


Buying long -lasting shoes of great material is a dream come true. With widely available products of premium quality at affordable prices you are no more lagging behind. These are all the sophisticated shoes which you can wear at the right instance.

These are the types which have been in fashion for generations and won’t be leaving the fashion ground so soon.


We have summarized all the shoes you need to check out and the little changes in the design do make a difference in the impact of the dressing. Now you have some idea about the shoes and can pass it on to others too. I hope this will help you in some way. Get ready to change your dressing style and now can experiment really well with your outfits and match the shoes out of these to remain fashionable around the year. Thank you so much for reading this article.I hope you found something resourceful in this article. 

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