Top 7 Sneakers for women to try

Sneakers are like shoes but they are counted as casual wear shoes. One can wear these shoes anywhere whether it is mall, vacations, and other places. These shoes can be worn with every outfit. Nowadays, women also wear them with Indian outfits like: lehenga’s, kurta’s, sarees and other such outfits because they are comfortable and easy to handle. Sneakers are footwears that have been liked by many customers as they are fashionable, trendy and can be worn in all seasons. Sneakers can be found with and without laces. They provide a great look to the personality of a person. Also, it is often heard that women love collecting footwears and after sneakers were introduced in the market, they became a huge part of their collection and women have all types sneakers in their collection and of all colors as well.

Sneakers can be bought and manufactured in different and very unique colours and one can buy their favourite colour as per their choice. Some of the colours that customers can look for in sneakers are:

  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Green
  4. White
  5. Pink
  6. Rainbow
  7. Violet
  8. Black

And so many other colours are available at the footwear stores. People can wear sneakers with or without socks as the inner sole of sneakers has a material that can absorb sweat. But it is always advisable to wear socks to avoid smell.

Sneakers can be found in very different and unique styles as per the customers choice. As per many surveys some of the common types of sneakers that women usually locate for are:

  • Slide on sneakers: these types of sneakers are without laces and are low top sneakers. these sneakers are simple slide in sneakers. they are very comfortable, stylish, flexible sneakers. these sneakers can be worn with any casual outfit whether it is jeans or t-shirt, casual shirts and pants, dresses, shorts and other such outfits. They are easily available in the market and can be found in colors like white, black, floral, and so many other colurs. They are available in different materials.
  • Leather sneakers: these sneakers are referred as semi-formal sneakers as they can be worn with blazers, jeans, t-shirts, skirts, dresses and other such outfits. They are made from high quality leather material and are very comfortable and easy to wear. Just like slide in sneakers they also come without laces but can be found with laces as well. These sneakers can be worn in any season.
  • Plimsoll sneakers: these are the most common types of sneakers and are easily available everywhere within the price range. These are made from cloth material. They are comfortable, flexible, stable sneakers and can be worn in rain as well. They can be found in almost every colour and can be worn with every casual outfit.
  • Canvas sneakers: these sneakers are conventional sneakers and are very comfortable in wearing. These can be found in different colours. they look like plimsoll sneakers. these sneakers are flexible and stable and can be worn with every casual outfit.
  • High ankle sneakers: these sneakers are of ankle length and can be found in many materials like leather, cloth, rubber and other materials. These sneakers have laces with them. They look good with jeans usually but can be worn with other casual outfits as well. One can wear them in any season. they can be found in many different colours.
  • Indian work sneakers: these sneakers are unique and have been recently launched into market. They are usually worn by brides with their lehengas and other dresses. These sneakers have a fine work of Zari, stone, and other such material to give them Indian look. They are comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Velcro sneakers: these sneakers don’t have laces in them but they have the strap system. They are super comfy, easy to wear, flexible, stable sneakers. these sneakers can be worn with every casual outfit. These sneakers save time as they don’t have laces. They lock the foot in such a way that it doesn’t slip. They are available in all colours and size.

These are some of the sneakers that women can look for in the market. Their price depends upon the brand, material used, styles and other factors. Usually, they come in the range of 500-7000 rupees but they can come in a little higher price as well as you go for higher brands. Sneakers are completely waterproof and skidproof. Their material doesn’t get spoiled easily.

After considering the various types, colours, and price of sneakers one should never overlook the crucial factors in selecting the best pair for themselves. one should always think about the following factors:

  1. Brand: As we all know, branded items are always preferable to unbranded items, and in the case of footwear, branded items are essential to avoid foot injury or other problems. branded sneakers may be more expensive, but they last longer.
  2. Size: Always check the correct size before purchasing sneakers to avoid foot injury, shoe bites and to provide adequate breathing space for the foot.
  3.  Material: Always inspect the material of the sneakers to ensure that they are comfortable to wear and easy to walk in.
  4. Comfortability: the sneakers should be comfortable in wearing and while walking. They should be flexible and stable.
  5. Washable: the shoes should be machine washable so that if they get dirty or something like that one shouldn’t run to the store to buy another pair rather wash them.

Some of the famous brands that one can look for in sneakers are:

  • Adidas
  • Nike
319 You Need Comfort in Footwear
  • Sketchers
320 1 You Need Comfort in Footwear
  • Puma
321 1 You Need Comfort in Footwear
  • Converse
322 You Need Comfort in Footwear

And so many other brands. Also, one should always try sneakers at the store and then buy a good and perfect pair for themselves to avoid issues. As when people try them an buy they can buy them they can get the perfect size for them and also trying them would help one check if they are comfortable or not. Also check out these Sneaker by uncmart now.

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