The trendy era of footwear…

In the fashionable and swaggy world footwear industry sees a very drastic change and growth. Now, it is not only confined to protect us. It became a symbol of your fashion and personality. Yes, your footwear indeed defines how much you are up to date with fashion and it has a direct link with your personality.

There is different footwear for different events. If you choose the wrong one for a particular event then it will be a big blunder for you. Just suppose that you have to go to a club party and you are wearing slippers. That can become the big reason for a laugh for your friends. Professionals also pay special attention to your footwear. So, if you are going for an interview then always ensure that you are wearing formal shoes. It will create a good impression for you. The fashion trend is changing rapidly.

Especially in the footwear industry. In earlier times they were made up of wood popularly known as “khaddar”. As time passed innovators invent some new materials . And now we can see that there are a million types of footwear available on market. One can buy footwear according to their purpose and requirement. There is different footwear fashion for different people. There is also some common for men and women known as unisex footwear. Let us see some popular fashion trends.


It is wrong that women have more options in footwear fashion. If you think so then you have to keep yourself updated. There are many options for men also. And if we talk about women’s  fashion, then we are familiar with it very well Current generation has different footwear for a single day. They have different shoes for morning walk, different for office and different for parties. Let’s see different types of footwear trends for men and women.

1. Loafers(Footwear)

These are the shoes which are most popular among men. Many people prefer to wear loafer shoes. They are without laces. Loafer shoes are very comfortable and have no heels. You can find it in different materials and different colors also. Loafer shoes are very fashionable and comfortable also.

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2. Sneakers

Such type of footwear comes with eye-catchy colors. Sneakers are suitable for walking, playing sports and gym. These shoes also come with lots of variety. Sneakers are more popular with the young generation. It is not only comfortable but also very trendy. Sneakers look very dashing and attractive.

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3. Derbies

Derbies shoes also come under the formal category. They come with open laces. It is more suitable with formal pants and a blazer. Derbies shoes have exposed ankles. Many people have one derby but they have more than one lace. That’s why it completely changes your look and becomes a new trend.

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4. Monk Shoes 

Monk shoes mostly come in leather material and are narrow from the top. It has no laces. Monk shoes have straps and buckles. Monk shoes are perfectly suitable for formal and casual. The craze for monk shoes is high in men because of their look and comfort. It gives you a professional look. Monk shoes always remain in fashion and are mostly used informally.

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5. Stilettos

These are very trendy and elegant. Stilettos come with pencil heels. Yes, it is difficult to walk with a heel but when it comes to fashion and swag no girl will compromise. Stilettos are perfectly suitable for slim-fit jeans and gowns. Women love to wear them because stilettos are very fashionable and also increase their height because of the heel.

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6. Ballerinas

Ballerinas are most popular among women. It is comfortable than stilettos. It is also free from the heel. You can wear it with socks or without socks, the choice is wholly yours. It is casual footwear but looks very pretty. Ballerinas come in thousands of colors with millions of designs. The trend of this  will never be ending.

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7. Sandals

Sandals are most suitable for women’s traditional outfits like suits and lehengas. It has a strap on its upper side. Sandals are indeed very old but their craze and demand are still very high. Every 3rd woman in the shop demand sandals. It has a little bit of heel but overall, it is very comfortable. Sandals look very stylish and come in different materials.

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8. Wedges

Many women prefer wedges due to their comfort. It can also be suitable if you want to wear it with bare feet. It is suitable while walking. Wedges are usually worn with shorts and also with jeans. It looks very classy and fantastic. Wedges come in various styles and colors. Wedges increase your swag and personality.

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The craze for footwear in humans is never-ending and that’s why the  industry constantly trying to make new fashion trends to attract footwear lovers. The fashion trend of the footwear industry is boundless. We can’t even think of such trends in the 90s. It is just impossible to think about such footwear trends at an earlier time.

The current world is the world of social media. A trend has become popular from social media. Especially, the young generation is much affected by social media. All footwear claims durability and high quality. But we also know that some footwear like stilettos is not good for health and doctor advice to avoid it especially in the time of pregnancy.

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 Every footwear company wants to match the demand of consumers and the current market trend. This is only the way to survive in this trendy world. If you are in the footwear market then you can’t ignore the market trends. In this, everyone has different options for different events.

You have special shoes for the gym, another one for the office, a slipper for a normal routine. Every consumer spends lots of time buying a single pair of footwear. The consumer wants stylish footwear with high quality and durability. The bottom line is that the trend is changing rapidly. Everyone wants to wear trendy and market also examine the need of consumer and trend.

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