Do you know which are the Top 10 Sasta Sundar Juta (Shoes) in 2021 ??

No. 1 sasta sundar Juta (Shoes) of the year 2021 Name is- (Spider Men Running Shoes)

Running Juta which is also known as Shoes was to protect and comfort you feet somewhere around 8000 BC and later used as a fashion trends with time over time. Back than Juta was made from leather, wood only.

This Running Juta is for Men/Boys at the best price you compare any Dukaan

No. 2 sasta juta -Slip on Shoes loafer-shoes-for-men

2ndBest sabse sasta Juta in my listis loafer shoes for men in Brown unique and comfortable. Loafer shoes for men are basically low without laces shoes . This style is mostly seen Indian culture made in moccasin construction.

loafer shoes for men can be worn with khakis & denim in all seasons. Try jeans and a t-shirt if you want to keep it relaxed, and a try shirt and chinos if you want something with class.

No. 3 sasta juta on my list is for-kids Name isKids Princess Beautiful shoes for girls

This shoes for girls is my list is best for your gudiya (my little princess) . This is actually the second name for these shoes meri gudiya shoesare basically made with love with keeping in mind gudiya hamari sabhi pe bhari to keep your girl safe and comfortable can play around with a smile on her face.

No. 4 sasta juta -kids shoes boots for women

Number 4 in my list is ladies special long boots for women from the house of fashion bazaar. The Black boots for women collaborate with you and love being together with different creative minds to create beautiful street style stalk fashion world. Ladies fashion shoes work heritage, combined with our high fashion sensibility, creates something really exciting and unique b4u fashion .

No. 5 sabse sasta dukan -Women shoes ladies-sandal-fancy-black

ladies sandal are an open type of footwear for ladies containing of a sole held to the ladies foot by straps also known as ladies chappal . Sandals aka chappal can also have a heel. Ladies choose to wear Indian fancy chappal for several reasons, among them comfort in warm weather like India has, economy

No. 6 sabse sasta dukan -This is Kids special led light shoes for kids

Just see a smile on your child face when your kid is walking with shining bright led light shoes as this is their first . The moment you see your little champ walking with these beautiful led light shoes you will feet its worth the price you paid for the Joy of your kid. Cause that bright shining light attract you little champ.

No. 7 sabse sasta dukan -This section is boys special on no 7 naam to suna hogaKids Casual Military shoes for boys

This name Kids Casual Military shoes for boys was given to this shoes because of this Military looks which outshine your boys personality in front of their friends and make him feel special

No. 8 sabse sasta dukan -This one is very special product called casual shoes for boys cause you need comfort. There are lot of casual shoes in the market but this one is on top 8 list for its looks and comfort only which is for boys/Men’s.

Enjoy being casual you

No.9 sabse sasta dukan -on the list is Black sports shoes for women

There are multiple reasons why a women need comfort in sports shoes listed below:-

  1. Allow You to Be More Active
  2. Prevent Foot Pain
  3. Improves Posture While Walking
  4. Improves Circulation
  5. Keep Your Feet & Body Happy

No.10 sabse sasta dukan -on the list is last but not the leastLight weight Gym Shoes for Men

This is only for the tough guys also called gym freak who work hard wake up early in the morning and focus on the diet plan just to achieve a good body . They deserve some comfortable shoes while doing exercise and made specially for them only considering everything so enjoy theseLight weight Gym Shoes for Men as they will support you which you need day in day out.

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