The best heels for your closet!

A glamorous top notch party or a ramp walk, there is no place where high heels aren’t seen. They are present in everyone’s wardrobe and they quickly elevate the dress up and make you look really stunning. Some may step back on hearing the name of high heels remembering the painful night after wearing the heels throughout, but some designers have revamped the style by adding a handful of comfort options. So the various designs will help you choose better and will make you worry less about the disadvantages.

High heels

There are ‘n’ number of types of high heels for you, which suits your style and vibe. Some of them are kitten heel, block heel, pointy toe, thin stiletto, ballet heel etc.

  1. Kitten heel

It is a shorter version of a stiletto. It is stylish and suitable as office wear and gives you the desired balance and comfort for your feet. These are perfect for the beginners who can get used to this type of heel first before indulging in the higher heels and because of this reason in the US they were often known by the name trainer heels. The height of these heels may be between 1 to 2 inches. Earlier they were in demand by the teenagers but now due to practical reasons are women by many women who are on the go. These heels can be styled with some ankle cropped jeans and long hanging tee and accessorizing with a sling bag or so. Also they will look perfectly fine with the office attire.Kitten heels

  1. Block heels

Get ready to put up a flattering look with block heels which have great flexible shape and support with cushioned footbed. They are crafted with style and class that can intimidate anyone. Block heels are the square toed design which was completely a new design back in 1965. It is tall in height but due to more coverage on the ground they give more support and ease of walking. These are chunky heels which were coupled with the ballerinas to give them a twist of design and these heels can be styled with knee length dresses. Tones of the dress should go with the colour of the footwear to look up to the mark.Block heels

  1. Pointy toe

Also called a stiletto, these are high heels and the toes go in the descending shape. These heels usually have the highest length and are meant for the masters of the heels but I wouldn’t discourage anyone and of course trying your hand on them is no harm. Stilettos give you the bold look and can be worn with formal jumpsuits, and they give you a polished look when paired with a top and proper jeans.Pointe toe

  1. Ballet heel

The most beautiful shoes of the lot and if they are available in heels option then it’s the best pair to go with. The ballet heels have an elegant vibe associated with them and the toes are in line with the heels and they look quite chic in the fashion world. Ballet heels are worn with long dresses and beautiful gowns. They set the mood for the ballroom dance floor.

Ballet heel


  1. Slim / thin heels

        They are a type of stiletto but the heel thickness is the thinnest                      and they look really sexy with the bold colours. It is a great pick for a shimmery night and when you really decked up, these will be the best choice. The length added by them is visually ignored and you will feel light on your feet.

  1. Platform heels

They have an additional plateau in front of the shoe. They will make you look taller and the only advantage is that the higher the shoe, the less the foot will have to arch in the shoe and this will give you the added comfort. They look mesmerizing in black .colour and good to walk in. platform heels can be worn with t-shirt dresses, they are spotted with shorts and t-shirts too because of their versatile nature. Want to sport an all black attire then these will support you to the fullest.Platform heel


These are some of the best high heel types to keep in your wardrobe and to keep your look updated these are the must haves. Although buying a high heeled is much easier than wearing them and after that of course walking in them effortlessly. Walking in confidently with the heels on is I must say an art and should be possessed by all and if you haven’t achieved that pinnacle yet then no need to worry as nothing is unachievable.


Some of the tips to walk in heels effortlessly:  

  1. Selecting the perfect fit is utmost important and you might accidentally because of this deficiency and then blame the footwear. If you cross this step efficiently you are good to go.
  2. If you are new to wearing shoes then start first with a low heel and get accustomed to it. Try to maintain your posture and balance in them. Some of the footwear you can wear are wedges which have a broader heel or platform sandal which too has a wider heel.
  3. Once you are done with previous steps you can go for slightly higher heels and with this you will also have increased your confidence.
  4. If you normally wear flats or sneakers then you should definitely stretch your ankles before going ahead with the heels as it will give a lot of pain and first you should try with the footwears which have good ankle support and toe straps which will help in reducing the stress on the feet. Booties with heels can do this job.
  5. As we say practice makes everything easy, you can always practice your walk beforehand, as it will make you comfortable and also make you less conscious when you are walking in public.


As high heels are the talk of the town always and it gets all the female attention why not discuss them. now you know about some of the best sellers oh high heels and you can definitely check them out. Thank you for reading !


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