The best golf shoes for transitional golf players…

FootJoy Pro SL Men’s Golf Shoes 

FootJoy Pro SL Men's Golf Shoes 

FootJoy Pro SL Women’s Golf Shoes 

FootJoy Pro SL Women's Golf Shoes

FootJoy’s most famous shoe, according to Brilliant. He prefers that they have a two-year waterproof guarantee, so you know you’ll be comfortable in all weather conditions.

G/Fore Men’s Disruptor Golf Shoes 

G/Fore Men's Disruptor Golf Shoes 

G/Fore Women’s Disruptor Golf Shoes 

G/Fore Women's Disruptor Golf Shoes

Cameron Haller, a golf pro at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, recommends the G/Fore brand for transitional players who need a trendy shoe. When it comes to younger children, it’s “in vogue” and “more famous” than other brands. Despite being lightweight and waterproof, the Disruptor sneaker looks like any other chic shoe. In the same vein, Schwabe is a fan. Little air pocket dots on the bottom of the froth pad footbed “knead the foot pressure a little,” he says.

Nike Air Max 1 G Men’s Golf Shoes 

Nike Air Max 1 G Men's Golf Shoes

Nike Air Max 1 G Women’s Golf Shoes 

Nike Air Max 1 G Women's Golf Shoes

McDonald, Schwabe, and James Draper III, Forest Park Country Club’s senior supervisor and head golf expert, all recommend Nike’s golf shoes. According to Schwabe, “everyone improved their shoe when Nike got involved.” Their introduction of a golf-specific presentation part of the foot revolutionized the shoe industry. However, apart from the Nike Air Max 1Gs being displayed, Draper also loves the way the shoes look.

Adidas TOUR360 XT Golf Shoes 

Adidas TOUR360 XT Golf Shoes

DeLuca describes the 360 XT Boost as a “contest-ready shoe.” Boost material and a two-year guarantee make them Golden’s favorite you may style “from the shoe’s underside to the lower part of a golfer’s foot, is very nearly a half-inch of padding. The next time you wear it, you can feel it “he claims.

GOLF SHOES – FootJoy Club Professional

GOLF SHOES - FootJoy Club Professional

In McDonough’s case, these are the shoes of decision Even when teaching or playing, “you need something steady that gives you a tonne of solace at once,” he says. “It’s important to have a shoe that fits snugly around your foot and keeps you firmly planted on the ground. The golf swing relies heavily on solidity to function.” These are from last year, so you may have a hard time finding them in your size. But if you do, you’ll pay a hefty price.


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