Mules are slide in footwears with open heel. Mules have recently become famous in the market because of their comfortability and easy to wear. Mules can be worn with every outfit whether formal, casual, semi-formal, Indian wear and many other outfits. Earlier mules were worn at home as normal slippers because of the way they looked or they were also used as bathroom slippers. But now as more designs started coming in the market they are worn with every outfit and people especially women wear these in everyday life while going out for work, shopping and other matters. They are considered more comfortable than heels as per women.

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Mules can be found in very different and unique colours that are preferred by women like: black, brown, green, red, pink, shades, golden, silver, orange, blue, yellow and many different colours. Also they are made from very unique materials like leather, suede, plastic, cloth, fur and not only material but are made of different work like you can find them as plane mules, Indian wear mules ( like: gotapatti work,  stone work, Zari work and many other work ), western wear, formal wear, daily wear, mules slippers and many other types.

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There are different types of mules that can be found in the market for women and different mules have different purposes. The following are the types of mules that one can look for:

  1. Babo mules: these mules are flat mules. They are two in one that means they can be worn as normal shoes and mules as well. As they have a foldable back at the heel side. So, if one wants to make them and wear them as shoes, they can unfold the back part and if they want to wear them as mules, they can fold the back part. They are very comfortable to wear and can be worn with formal outfits. They are made from leather material. One can wear them in summers and spring seasons. They are flat mules and doesn’t have heels.

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  1. Heel mules: these mules have heels with them and have an open back from heel side. They have a comfortable inner sole to support the foot and have a good breathing space. They can be found in different heel sizes like starting from 1.5 inches to 4 inches of heels as per the customers preference they can buy.

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  1. Razzi mules: these mules are flats. They have a formal look and have a horizontal metal embraided on the top of the mule. One can wear them with formal and semi-formal outfits. They are super comfortable and easy to wear.

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  1. Peep toe mules: these mules have an open toe look and look slide in slippers but they have a stylish and fashionable look because of the material used and the unique designs on them. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They are mostly worn with jeans or kurtas. They are preferred in summer and spring season.

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  1. Capri mules: these mules are the most comfortable mules amongst all the mules. They have a cushiony pump inner sole. They are worn with casual wear like jeans or skirt or shorts. They are made of cloth material.

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  1. Indian mules: these mules somewhat provide a look like Indian jutties but they are open from back side of the foot. They are made from cloth and can be found with designs like gotapatti work, Zari work, stone work and other material. They can be worn with any Indian outfit like saree, suit, kurtas and many other Indian outfits. Customers can find them with heels and without heels. They are comfortable and provide a nice beautiful look to the women.

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  1. Home wear mules: these mules are normal slippers that have open toe or closed toe and are worn at home. They are available in material like rubber and other materials that are suitable for home wear. They are very comfortable. As for winters also there are mules and they are made from fur and woollen so that it helps in keeping the feet worm.

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These are some of the most common types of mules available in most stores. They are available in a variety of colours. They are not very expensive; you can easily find them in the 500–6000-rupee range, depending on the brand, manufacturing cost, and whether it is handmade or manufactured in a factory. Handmade mules can be more expensive than manufactured ones. Handmade mules are usually found with those Indian work like Zari and all.

You’re probably wondering, “How do I choose a good pair of mules for myself?” So, here’s the solution. Just keep the following factors in mind:

  1. Material quality: inspect the material before purchasing mules because if you purchase a material that is bad for your skin, it may cause redness or other problems such as seed corn to your feet.
  2. Jutties size: check the size of the mules before purchasing them because wearing the wrong size can result in an abscess at the back of the ankle or shoe bite.
  3. Comfortability: Before purchasing any footwear product, it is critical to check the comfortability to ensure that it provides adequate breathing space for the feet and does not cause pain.
  4. Slip-proof: the mules should not slip in water or any slippery floor because it can lead to injury.

These are some of the considerations you should make before purchasing mules. People prefer mules because they are both comfortable and elegantly designed. Customers can also find them with pure gold work, but they may be a little more expensive.

For a good experience, choose the best size, colour, material, and style for your mules.


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