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120 Types of shoes models

120 Types of shoes models

When buying shoes on the Internet, you are spoiled for choice between different categories, types and types of shoes. We would like to help you with the purchase decision between fringed boots, sneakers, women’s shoes, high heels, party shoes and cowboy boots and many other types of comfortable shoes. For this reason, we will introduce […]

Sustainable eco sneakers: 7 of the best labels Sneakers


Sustainable eco sneakers: 7 of the best labels Sneakers are among the hottest trend shoes ever. They are comfortable all-rounders and make it sustainable and pollutant-free without losing style. More and more sneakers are made from socially responsible, environmentally friendly and harmless materials. So that we can ultimately wear sustainable eco-shoes, many factors are decisive […]

Nike Go FlyEasy and Doraemon x Gucci are fashion trends of 2021

latest indian fashion trends 2020

Nike Go FlyEasy: Put on sneakers without handsNike is bringing the first shoe onto the market that can be put on and taken off completely without hands.The “hands-free shoe” revolutionizes putting on and taking off shoes in an unprecedented way. For this purpose, Nike uses the innovative FlyEase technology for sports shoes and sneakers. For […]

TECNICA hiking shoes Magma : robust all-rounder

TECNICA hiking shoes

Anyone looking for hiking boots with all-round functions can find what they are looking for at TECNICA. With the MAGMA model, the traditional Italian company TECNICA now offers an all-rounder for different terrains. When hiking, trekking or speedhiking, outdoor fans master a wide variety of paths. Whether stony or slippery, hard or soft, dry or […]

Pantone spring-summer trendy colors 2021

pantone shade card

Pantone trend colors 2021: yellow and gray The Pantone Color Institute has chosen the color of the year 2021. This time the color institute surprises us with trendy colors in a double pack: a solid gray called “Ultimate Gray” and a bright yellow called “Illuminating”. Pantone himself calls the combination: “An ensemble with an encouraging […]

The best children’s shoes 2021 | When, which Shoes and what to look out for?

Being a Child is ready fun and fun without any Tension, and absolutely up-to apparel just to look good, and wear comfortable Shoes/Juta/Footwear. • What are good children’s shoes and which brand suits us? This is exactly the question I had to ask myself a few times, especially since I have two little runners at […]

How to Make Shoes in Hindi ?

How to make shoes

जूते कैसे बनाएं Step by Step with Pictures:- Making of shoes Ancient times !! शोमेकर्स को दूर-दूर दोनों जगह जाना जाता है,पुरुषों के रूप में जो हमेशा पक्ष काटते हैं-कभी घोड़ा, कभी गाय का चमड़ा भी,मौसम में बदलाव को पूरा करने के लिए। भेड़ और बकरियां अक्सर मारे जाते हैं;दोनों इसे सादा बनाने के लिए […]

Do you know which are the Top 10 Sasta Sundar Juta (Shoes) in 2021 ??

Sasta Juta

Running Juta which is also known as Shoes was to protect and comfort you feet somewhere around 8000 BC and later used as a fashion trends with time over time. Back than Juta was made from leather, wood only. This Running Juta is for Men/Boys at the best price you compare any Dukaan No. 2 […]


loafer shoes for men,

U&C Casual & comfortable loafers can be worn with khakis and denim , and sock less with shorts during all seasons. Go for Jeans and a t-shirt if you want to keep things relaxed , and a shirt and chinos if you want something with a little more class.