Some of the quirky and weird shoes styles


The Internet is a crazy place to be and you can find everything and anything here. I found some weirdest shoes here and thought of sharing them with you. These ones may not wear on a daily basis but might surely try for some costume party. But we should definitely appreciate the innovative idea behind this creation and would be remembered if not for its usage but it’s unique appearance.

  1. Goldfish platforms  

These are the usual platforms but the part beneath the toe area has a freaking goldfish and liquid. I am not so sure if they could use a real goldfish. The entire footwear is transparent and the toe sole has a shimmery disco vibe. It is said these are supposed to be worn for a disco night. Everyone will be really surprised on seeing these footwear and will leave their jaws open in the air.

Goldfish Platforms 

  1. Gum heel

It sounds damn funny but looks very creative, the heel is covered with gum and it appears as if the heel is made of gum. No one will be able to make out the reality at first glance. It was gaining all the attention and had got featured in fashion magazines as the new trend. The best visual effect will be seen on a carpet or any flat surface.

Gum heel

  1. Circuit board sneakers

These are the fanciest of them all and you need real brains to invent them I must say. The outer appearance of the shoe looks like a circuit board. Any geek would get their hands on this sneaker. These were upcycled by Gabriel Dishaw and were a great sight to gaze at. Apparently they weigh a lot and looking at the material used it must be undoubtedly.

Circuit board sneakers

  1. Sandwich flip-flops

The shape of the footwear is made as such it looks like an actual sandwich where the footbed looks like bread. It has legit stuffings like a sandwich. I assume it must be functioning like a cushion but the ease of walking is the real question that arises.

Overall the appearance is quite quirky.


  1. Skyscraper boots

Now people won’t cry to get those extra inches as these boots will easily give you an extra 4-5 inches. Frankly speaking these are funny and I can’t imagine the thud produced on every step that you take. Not to end the surprise, these even have flash lights embedded in the foam. These would scare the shit out of people if you walk at night.


  1. Shopping trolley platforms

Platforms which have a shopping trolley beneath the shoe, now there is no tension of carrying the items. Just dump them in your shoe just kidding! These are really weird to walk in and the balance is hard to guess.

Shopping trolley platform

  1. Fake turf flip flops

What a great idea to have your own garden beneath your legs, the inventor must be seriously missing the vacations and hence brought the holidays to himself. But on a serious note these flip flops are raising the level of comfort and give a relaxing vibe. They would be good companions on a beach or just walking down the streets.


  1. Alligator sneaker

Normal sneakers with a slight twist, when the shoe rips open and you have pointy teeth of the alligator, nice way of up-cycling the old shoes. These are fancy shoes.

Alligator sneakers

  1. The spider web heel

These are replicas of a spider web and will expose your flesh completely. Not the most comfortable footwear but can be a one day scenario. Definitely flaunting them will turn eyeballs and will consider you as the fashionista of the town.


  1. The rosette shoe

The most beautiful of them all, if the outer look of the shoe has gone bad you can refurbish the look of the shoe with this innovative idea of decorating the shoe with miniature rosettes. It looks absolutely pretty and I bet no one will get to know it is an old footwear.

the rosette shoe 

  1.  Man fish flip flops

It is literally like you are wearing fish on your feet except the missing element would be the stinky odour. This will be a chick magnet for cats and mind you, you might get attacked by random animals.


  1. Banana slippers

Shape of a banana peel, you can slip into them and will give you the required comfort except for the wooden floorboards. These look very cute and are perfect on a pyjama. Best place to wear it would be a sleep over party.


  1. Lego heels

This can be your next DIY project, as these are simple to make at home. You obviously need lego pieces and some glue. These are geeky and fun elements to the boring heels. It is the best innovation for the lego addicts.


  1. LED pumps

The LED pumps would be the show stopper for any party and are really crazy looking shoes.  They would declare you as the coolest person out there.LED Pumps

  1. Octopus shoes

Fusion of sea creatures with the shoes is unstoppable, here the octopus is attached to the heels. One can barely walk wearing them! The one footwear which serves only the fashion purpose.


  1. Xylophone stickletto

These are really funky and the weirdest but wearable footwear. They don’t look bad and won’t embarrass you. You can sport this one confidently. The design is inspired by the kid’s xylophone and hence the name.


Some of the above footwear can’t be worn for obvious reasons but it’s always fun to experiment or they might be your partner to pull off a prank and even it will suit the Halloween party theme comfortably. If you are up scaling the old shoe with these innovative ideas then there is no harm. Once in a lifetime one should definitely try out these funk footwears. It was a new aspect of the shoe world for both of us but it is good to learn about new things. Hope you liked this article, thank you for reading.


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