Soccer shoes for kids

Soccer has become a very popular game nowadays and is played worldwide. Soccer has become the favourite game of young boys and its craze is getting wider. As the game has become popular normal shoes were not much successful for the game as they would slip on the ground or created difficulties in kicking the ball and also normal shoes became a major cause for injury to the players. Therefore, manufacturers decided to create shoes that won’t slip on the soccer ground and makes it easy for the players to run and kick the ball without any issues and also to avoid injuries. Soccer shoes are different from normal shoes as their grip is much stronger and the sole is more comfortable. These shoes were successful on soccer grounds and became popular. One can find soccer shoes easily at any store in the market.

Soccer shoes for boys Soccer shoes for boys

Soccer shoes are available in all the colours like: pink, red, green, yellow, black, white, blue, orange, multicolours, neon colours, and many other colours and boys can choose the colour that best suits them. Soccer can be a little expensive depending upon the brand, manufacturing price, country in which they are manufactured, production cost, material used in them, and many other factors decides their price.



  1. Comfortable: soccer shoes should be comfortable so that the players can run, walk, kick and jump easily without any glitch or injury.
  2. Stability: soccer shoes should have good stability power so that they don’t slip on the ground.
  3. Lightweight: soccer shoes should be lightweight so that it makes easy for players to run without anu heaviness.
  4. Ankle support: soccer shoes provide a good ankle support as they have an outer sock also known as cleat that is extended till the ankle to protect them from injury.
  5. Durable: since soccer shoes are costly, they should have a material that can last longer and not that after one match the player have to change to new shoes. The material should be of high quality.

Some of the common soccer shoes that kids look for are as follows:

  1. Firm ground soccer shoes: also known as molded cleats these are the most common and famous types of soccer shoes and are easily available. Their outer sole is made form hard plastic so that it can easily contract with the ground. These shoes are skid proof and can be worn in any weather. They are usually chosen by beginners and small boys of age 5-10 years. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

     Soccer shoes for boys Soccer shoes for boys

  1. Soft ground soccer shoes: also known as replaceable cleats, these shoes are having studs as outer sole and those studs can be replaced and removed easily. The studs are made of hard rubber metallic tip to provide good support and stability to the foot. They are comfortable and easy to wear. They have ankle cleats. They make a good contraction with the soccer ball and helps the players to make good kicks. They are usually preferred by boys of age 10-15 years. These are also worn by professional players.

Soccer shoes for boys

  1. Hard ground soccer shoes: also known as multi ground, these are suitable for all types artificial fields. They have good quality of studs and makes a good contraction with ground and the soccer ball. These shoes are usually referred as backup shoes for the players.

  Soccer shoes for boys Soccer shoes for boys          


  1. Other soccer shoes: there are many other type of soccer shoes like: turf shoes, indoor shoes and sandals. These types of shoes contain various other patterns instead of studs at the outer sole. They also make good contraction with the ground and ball. Usually, they are preferred by people who play occasionally. They are referred as good training shoes. They are comfortable and easy to wear.

         Soccer shoes for boysSoccer shoes for boys


These were some of the common types of shoes that parents can look for their child and can easily find them in the market. They are available I all sizes and for all age boys. They are waterproof and skid-proof.

As we all know, if there are branded items, there are also cheap and unbranded items, and people prefer unbranded items because they are less expensive than branded items. However, in order to prevent your child from suffering from foot pain or injury at such a young age, making the right choice about a product, particularly shoes, is critical, as making a poor choice may result in problems or injuries such as flat foot and other problems. So, while choosing a good pair of soccer shoes one should keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Brand: The shoes should be from a reputable and well-known brand.
  2. Comfort: Before purchasing shoes, one should always consider the comfort and safety of the shoes, which is especially important in the case of soccer shoes.
  3. Correct size: Choosing the correct shoe size with adequate breathing space is critical, as it can result in finger or toe fractures.

In case of soccer shoes these factors are considered very important before buying them because if one gets the wrong shoes for their kid, it can create a life long problem for them as well. As most important part for a soccer game is their footwear, if the footwear is correct then the players can play with full concentration.

Some of the best brands that parents can look for to buy good and right pair of soccer shoes for their chid are as follows:

  1. Nike: they are best when comes to soccer shoes.
  2. Adidas: this brand recommended by many soccer players.
  3. Puma: puma also manufactures good quality of soccer shoes.
  4. And other soccer shoes brands.

Soccer shoes for boys

Soccer shoes are advisable to be worn with socks. There are special socks that are designed for this game and they are stretched till knees they protect the leg from getting hurt. Also, there are knee pads that should be worn inside the socks to protect the knee from injuries.


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