Sneakers for men : Then and Now

Footwear originated as a protective equipment has evolved to a garment in Egyptian times to a fashion statement in present times. Since historic times footwear has resembled the position of an individual in the social hierarchy thereby giving patronage to footwear makers which became the founding of this multi – culture – ethnic – million dollar industry which we love & follow the most. From designing to branding to review footwear Industry has wholeheartedly received the patronage of people across borders & cultures with the same ethos of adornment & protective gear for your beloved feet.

In recent times across range of footwear trends, cults & styles one such cult of neo – footwear encompassing multi-genres, trends has hit the floor spreading out globally in the form of “SNEAKERS”.

Originally began in the 90’s with surge in the NBA popularity, professional basketball track shoes in the form of primitive sneakers were designed and used by professional basketball athletes like Michael Jordan, Shaq, kobe Bryant to name a few & like a wild fire sneakers came into the market and took off instantly with products like the AIR JORDAN, AIR PENNY, SHAQNOSIS, AIR WORM to name a few. These products were based & styled according to a player’s genre & game style which later were renamed or categorised as basic American sneakers.sneakers


Sneakers rose to popularity & today leads the global markets in footwear sales both at the low priced markets & high end exclusive & expensive markets. Such high end exclusive sneaker collection which is followed by pockets of celebrities & passionate followers who led the beginning of the sneaker culture which we know today. A basic American sneaker is characterised as very expensive, luxury, flashy with limited exclusive following with high credibility and authenticity of the product so much so that certain limited edition sneakers re-sale value is far more than the original value . Basically an American sneaker is a style statement which gravitates to the emotional vibe of the situation in which these ultra-luxury sneakers are worn such as a flashy party, event, etc.

In the low priced segment we get to see the international sneakers which are  budget friendly, stylish, swaggy thereby having deep penetration & connect with the  local markets across states and countries. International sneakers comprise of 3 kinds :   

  1. Skate shoes
  2. Athleisure style
  3. Purely athleticSneakers

Now , diving straight into the sub categories :

1 . Skate shoe : Is the show with thin base, slick design , a ready to go shoe with mostly all trends of garments & apparel. These are the most common kind found across globe with multi-event / place / applications such as club, college, date, party, etc.

Based on the size category there are 3 type of skate shoe cuts :

  • High top : fitting of shoe above the ankle , ideal for a person with height 5 feet 10 inch or above
  • Mid top : fitting of shoe at the ankle, ideal for a person with height 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches
  • Low top : fitting of shoe below ankle, ideal for a person with height 5 feet 6 inches or below

2.Athleisure style : These kind of sneakers include a mix of sports & casual look & styling generally attributed with the rise of athleisure/sports clothing trend . Athleisure sneakers can be worn at gym, casual ocassions like movies, dates, etc.Skate sneaker color : The must have color formula for men’s apparel is black, dark brown, navy blue following which such skate shoe sneaker colors must be present with a dude, ready to hangout at parties, clubs, college or a special date.

3.Purely athletic : Strictly to be worn during a gym session, sports activity or an outdoor activity like trekking, track field, turf, etc. Also attributed with athleisure clothing . Predominantly used by daily joggers, fitness enthusiasts.

Sneaker science

Includes certain quick checks and balances while searching for the perfect sneakers :

  1. Budget : If you are the one with passion and the bank balance for your sneaker collection one & the same then this point shouldn’t bother you much , but if you are the one who is budget conscious and at the same time want that flashy sneaker look on your feet, choosing a sneaker with high return on value, budget friendly such that your sneakers remain intact for a long time without wearing away, is the one you should go for.
  2. Style statement : Your sneaker should be noticeable not too much flashy nor very basic/common, should blend in with the clothing style, color contrast and trend
  3. Sneaker care : Always go with below ankle loafer socks with your sneakers . Also make sure your sneakers are always clean especially if they are white at the base to avoid their work boot look when dirty.
  4. Avoid counterfeit : Traps and fake copies of exclusive limited edition sneakers should be avoided , If you are thinking to join the exclusive elite club of Balenciaga-z, Yeezys & Jordans .

Overall sneakers are a highly subjective and a matter of extreme personal choice and thinking . But in general sneakers are the go to option for all your daily, special events, casual occasions. Thereby making your sneakers budget friendly, trendy and a total vibe setting footwear. Coming back to footwears in this time of times where TIME is the most valued commodity, hooking up with sneakers might save you money and time by reducing the mental effort to choose among a range of footwear choices to go with the clothing , Since sneakers truly blend in with your  clothing type ranging from semiformal to completely casual to a field track activity thereby providing you this diverse range of compatibility and genres. After a critical and aesthetic analysis of sneakers, it is evident that sneakers due to their aesthetic diversity, range , value and sneakers practicality on daily useage. Sneakers are the best choice that’s out there in the market such that sneakers truly define what is meant by ALL in ONE product/footwear for the masses.

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