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A good pair of walking shoes is worth sticking with. Slip-on shoes are a must for us due to their ease of use. They’re perfect for TSA lines, wonderful for beach days, and keep you moving in countries where it’s customary to remove your shoes when entering a sacred site or someone’s home. Besides, they come in so many styles that it’s easy to find a slip-on version of your favourite shoes. Whatever your needs, we have you covered with this list of the best walking shoes for movement.

Vagabond Slip-on Sneaker by Sanuk

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Schonwald revealed to us that he had pressed these and one more pair of running shoes for a new 14-day stint in Cusco, Peru. His running shoes were infrequently used because the Sanuk slip-on was so comfortable for walking around town. If you’re going to a place that has a mix of city and sand, these pants, he says, can also be used as beachwear. They also get along well, he says.

Ladies’ Lucky Brand Emmie Flats

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Am Bandolik, the creative director of New York Tours, may only have one pair of shoes with her when she travels: the Lucky Brand Emmie flats, which she’s worn “over the substantial of NYC and the cobblestones of Rome.” She adores that they’re laid-back, but still feel ladylike and fashionable. Due to their folding ability, they can be packed into a small bag without taking up too much space.

Light Skimmer by Clarks for Women(walking shoes)

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Flight attendant Crystal Roseberry told us that Clarks’ “very much made and adorable, offer great help, and last forever” is her favourite pair of comfortable walking shoes for women.

Felli Red by Sabah

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Due to their ease of use and adaptability to so many different environments, Off-Season Rockaway co-founder Abra Boero refers to Sabahs as “the definitive travel shoe.” This pair of shoes is the same one I wear in winter with fleece socks to the beach. Although they’re extremely lightweight, their flexible calfskin moulds to your foot and keeps them comfortable even after a long flight, she assures.

Ilse Jacobsen Tulip 139 Perforated Slip-On Sneaker

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As much as we appreciate a well-made punctured shoe, the ease with which this slip-on sneaker is a major plus. They’re simple, comfortable, and stylish, with embellished scalloping that outlines each tear hole in these Ilse Jacobsen slip-on. Even though they only have a one-inch platform, the shoes have a removable insole, which is a huge plus for anyone who likes to buy their supplements or uses orthotics.

Vans Classic Slip-On Core Classics

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A smooth update on the classic Vans slip-on that has been around for a long time. The traditional outer material has been replaced with a faux cowhide look that has been punctured, but you’ll still get the classic thick white sole and tan elastic sole. You’ll have to wear them a couple of times to break them in, but once you’ve done that, they’re easy to slip on and off. Tones like a checkerboard and light blue are just some of the options available in this style.

L.L. Bean Storm Chaser Slip-On Shoes

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Designed specifically for snow and ice travel, these L.L. Bean slip-on boots are made to last. Tennis shoe-like in design, they perform like a multi-climate boot. As well as being waterproof, the Arctic Grip sole has a clever thermochromatic marker that turns blue when the temperature drops below freezing. Flexible padding and SolarCore froth protection help keep your feet warm on cold and wet surfaces.

Everlane The Day Glove

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In the same way that having a few basic dark slip-on can help you save space in your bag, having some basic dark slip-ons is a great idea. A pair of elegant dance-style slip-is crafted from supple calfskin that you’ll want to keep wearing long after your trip is over. To make it easier to put on and take off these shoes have side vents, solid elastic soles, and a pull tab at the back of the shoe. Try packing them on business trips so that your transition from conference to bar hopping is seamless.

Steve Madden FeatherI Loafer Flat

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Steve Madden’s loafer flats are a great choice for casual outfits as well as more formal ones. In comparison to a day-long strolling visit, the low-curve support makes them more comfortable for extended periods. The shoe is made from real calf hair that has been dyed and treated, and it also has a faux calfskin covering that is comfortable enough to wear with or without socks on.

UGG Ansley Water-Resistant Slipper

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Few travel shoes should be worn all day, every day. Now and then, you just need a pair of shoes that make you feel as if you’re walking on a cloud of satin. Put on these soft shearling-lined UGGs after a long day of walking around the city. However, we don’t recommend wearing them on long walks or in heavy rain because of the EVA sole and water-resistant slippers softened cowhide texture.

APL Techloom Chelsea Sneaker Boots

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It’s time to rethink what a slip-on shoe boot is. We love these with white soles because they provide a sense of comfort and sophistication. In addition to the sewn-on ribbing, the jacket is finished with all-over calfskin trim and a smooth outline. Incredibly versatile, these boots can be worn casually or in a more formal setting.

Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

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For those looking for running /walking shoes ( men/women) to wear on long walks and beach runs, this pair is a good choice. In addition to the slip-on design and weaved texture, the cloud foam cushioned outsole helps to keep you comfortable on your journeys, and the cloud foam padded sole and outsole help keep you comfortable on your journeys. They also have a tennis shoe feel to them, but without the hassle of tying and unfastening them.

Sperry Men’s Striper II Slip-On Sneaker

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Sperry’s slip-on shoe has a lot going for it, and that’s why it works. While the Wave-Siping (wavy cuts in the elastic outsoles) provides traction on both wet and dry surfaces (especially useful for travel), this pair also features removable additions that mould to your feet and a stylish design suitable for most casual looks. As a substitute for men walking shoes or casual strolling shoes during the day, they’re a great option.

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