Skating shoes and shoes for snow related activities

Skating shoes and shoes for snow related activities

Skating involves travelling on surfaces using shoes. The surface may be a soft surface like that of snow or it may be a hard surface i.e ground.

Skate shoes are the ones made for the people who do skating and are also called skateboard shoes. Nowadays many non-skaters also choose to wear skate shoes because of its cool nature and popular design.

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Skate shoes have vulcanised rubber and serrated sole for better traction and ground grip. This kind of sport involves balance and a lot of practice and the shoes also have to go through the rough patch which is why the quality of the material and the durability of the shoes is very important. With increasing needs and considering the requirement of comfort to the skater many shoe companies come up with various features to the shoes. Plastic underlying and superior action leather are some of the many features which help to increase the life of these shoes. Skaters are prone to serious injuries while doing the sport and also during the practice sessions and it is of utmost importance to wear the safety gear and the best shoes which suit them.

Some of the features to look for when buying shoes for skating

  1. For the longevity of the shoes it is highly essential that the soles are stitched together and not stuck using adhesive. This can be risky for the skater as the shoes are attached with the rollers during skating and in case the sole gets detached from the shoes then the skater can get into serious trouble. 
  2. While buying, assess the material of the skating shoe carefully and make sure to avoid canvas as it will reduce the sustainability and will get damaged fast. Buying leather or synthetic material is a wiser choice.
  3.  Skating involves fast movement of the feet and it is necessary that shoes are not of heavy weight, they should be as light as possible and the momentum of the skater will be increased. Also it gets tough for the skater to attain faster speed due to the burden of unwanted weight.
  4. You may need shoes with good grip if you are skating using the skateboard and the rubber can be a good choice for you to maintain your balance and stay upright on the skateboard.
  5. Presence of metal reinforcement at the lace holes can be advantageous as there is a chance of ripping off the laces through the shoes in their absence.
  6. Throughout the performance of the sport, the feet are in contact with the shoes and getting the shoes which contain soft padding would give you comfort and prevent rubbing of the feet.
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As you are aware of skating you must also be aware of snow skating and of course slightly modified shoes are available for this kind of sport.

Snow skate shoes are made of waterproof material and reach a little higher than the ankle for better protection from snow. It has super grip soles which contribute to the high performance.

Thick material is required to keep your legs warm. The flexibility is another factor to count in while skating.

Ice skating uses different shoes and these have a metal blade attached at underfoot. First of its kind were made using bones of ox and deer. White shoes for ice skating look really elegant and cool. There are various types of ice skates available like the figure skate, hockey skate, bandy skate, racing skate and the touring skate.oL9YVubuzwUEGtxmZhHODqUSBFeFHgxAOBeqASE4rMnuHLGMBR77pXPTTyh8MQU436hNLRbq6 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Figure skates have toe picks on the front side of the blade and are usually made up of aluminum or stainless steel blades. The toe pick is used for the high leaps taken by the sportsperson.

Ice hockey skates are legit used while playing this sport and the shoes are made of leather, nylon and thermoformed compounds.

Bandy shoes are worn while playing the game bandy and the shoes are usually low top and do not rise till the ankle. The blade attached to these shoes is slightly longer than that used for making ice hockey skaters.

Racing skates which are also called speed skates and are used by the sportspersons which indulge in speed racing, these too have long blades which help them in taking turns on the ice track and gliding easily.

Touring skates have long blades which are attached to the shoes using bindings and can be attached to the hiking shoes or other skiing boots. These are usually used for touring on the natural ice. For sledding snow boots can be worn which keep the legs insulated and are waterproof and which contain an ice traction sole. For sledding, high ankle shoes are used.

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Skiing shoes 

These have some key features: they are flexible, ankle high length, they have a preformed liner which gives it an anatomical design. The shoes have buckles which are mostly adjustable, this varies from different shoe companies.

The soles are built such that they can flex forward while keeping the foot really firm.

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There is no fixed parameter to buy skating shoes as they have differing features according to the sports activity. Most important is safety and the risk to life is always involved in this kind of sport if you are not a pro and if you just want to try for fun sake then presence of a highly professional person is a must. Skating shoes which are made for the ground can be worn by any person as these are extremely stylish and designs are really eye catching, ultimately they are kinda like sneakers and normal eyes won’t be able to make out any difference. While selecting the ice skate shoes anti slip property is to be checked without fail and taking the guidance of your coach/guide would be most appropriate. These shoes are quite pricey as they cater to the needs of the person perfectly. Thank you for reading this article and I hope you enjoyed the content.

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