Top Footwear(Shoes) and its manufacturing

The footwear industry has boomed since 2016 with more people being interested in footwear. Companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma, Asian shoes, sketchers, etc have attracted the general public. With digital marketing positively growing, people can easily search their needs online. According to the sources, the footwear business in the US was at its peak in 2017 with a raise of 6%. India didn’t lag in this business and is the second-largest manufacturer of footwear in the world and the leather made here are also exported to foreign countries. India has also established its niche in this sector. Some of the factors which were the basis for the rise in the business were:


The comfort of the shoes

The emphasis on this word is never enough because the key to attract people in investing in the shoes is comfort. That is why the big companies have invested in technology to produce footwear having the highest level of comfort. Secondly awareness among people of how they can solve their every issue related to shoes.

Now with the help of technology they can produce shoes of lightweight, comfortable, breathable, and washable material. The sole is firm and the grip is the same for each shoe.


People have become alert about concerns related to the environment and would be willing to invest in companies that wake about such matters and the ones which have their helping hand in contributing towards nature. Most importantly if they treat their waste produced in shoemaking according to the norms, it is more than enough. 

Construction of the shoes

The heart of the building is the foundation likewise the shoe’s main aspect is construction, the longevity and health of the shoe largely depend on how it is made. Welting is the process of joining two parts of the shoes together. The stitching wherever required is done using machines and appears on the inner part of the shoe. Two-level stitching designs are meant to make the shoe water-resistant and supportive.

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Design of the shoe 

Shoe designing varies for different shoes based on their fashion, athletic requirements, fashion, sports, and style. The upper can be attached to the sole by methods like hot vulcanization, stitching, injection molding, and cement shoe technique. In hot vulcanization special presses are deployed which have the upper and it is stretched on the last and the cement is put to the stretched edge.

The temperature and pressure are applied to attach the rubber upper to the sole. In the cement shoe technique, cement is applied to the edges of the upper and the sole. The injected molded sole technique is a single operation method that molds the bottom from polymer and sticks it to the upper. After cooling the product is removed from the mold.

The shoe goes through multiple steps until it becomes a well-furbished shoe. Designing the shoe and imagining the outcome it will give is a major task. Stamping stage where the leather pieces are marked. The assembling stage is where the shoe is made by joining all the pieces and lastly the stage where the shoe is given final touches and here it becomes ready to be out in the market.

Even though the shoe is known by the brand, but a particular shoe worn by a person stays in his/her memory lane, and if it gives the desired comfort and feels it will be his/her favorite. Some of the all-time favorites are:

1. PUMA Ferrari Shoes:

Puma had announced a collaboration with Ferrari and had launched shoes, that is why people were fascinated and some of them were people’s favorites like Puma Scuderia Ferrari Mirage Mox Shoes and Men’s Ferrari x Puma Race x-Ray 2 shoes. The sole is made up of rubber and the upper consists of synthetic leather. It is a type of racing shoe but can be worn everywhere and the design is the one which attracts the most.


They are made as gym wear but the identity associated with them is Hritik Roshan and people would go for these shoes as they have love and affection for the actor. 

The white shoes look cool from this brand and can be worn casually as well. The shoes have a counter clutch which helps maintain a strong grip while running and the cup-shaped insole gives additional support to the shoes.

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3. Gucci shoes 

This shoe brand is famous and one of the favorites abroad and it is hyped by the celebrities in India, people wish to own at least one product by them. It is quite costly for the middle-class person and of course, the quality is beyond match. They have launched all types of footwear and use high-quality material in the making.

4. PUMA x BMW shoes

Puma has collaborated with BMW and other motor vehicle companies as well and they have produced shoes for different purposes like walking shoes, racing shoes, etc. They are specially crafted for rides and have a midsole sock liner for bounce, long-lasting comfort, and soft cushioning.

5. Nike air force 1 07

They were launched in 2007 but have been loved by all due to their style apart from that these shoes have padded collars and sturdy rubber soles.

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People often associate their emotions with a brand and accept the products launched by them wholeheartedly. The brand should also make sure not to disappoint its customers. People expect value for money and the finest quality goods.

The company also invests a lot of time in planning, designing, and manufacturing the shoes and the final output is seen in the customer’s satisfaction.

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Summarizing the things footwear’s are in equal demand to that of clothes in the world right now and everyone wants to up their game. We have discussed few areas to focus on while buying the shoes also the manufacturer must pay special attention in those areas to create their impact as a brand. We also saw some aspects of the manufacturing of the shoes and it’s a task. I hope you have liked this article. Thank you for reading.


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