Best vegan sandals

Sydney Brown Clog

1 11 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Sydney Brown offers a vegan option for the clogerati, as well as a commitment to using renewable resources and fair labour practices. It’s admirable, says Sewell, that the company comes up with innovative ways to replace animal products in their shoes. In addition to pineapple and coconut fibres, the shoes’ uppers are made of fused cork and grains.

Nicora Bell Clogs Saddle Brown

2 11 You Need Comfort in Footwear

From three of the experts we spoke with, Nicora’s third-generation female shoemaker earned high marks. Because “they are handmade in the United States using fair labour practices and ethically sourced materials,” vegan nutritionist Taylor Wolfram likes them. Aside from boots, Sewell notes that they’re most well-known for them. This season, Ashlee Piper, author of the book Sustainable Living, prefers the new Swedish-style clogs. Take care of yourself. It’s time to get better at living. Save the Earth!

Beyond Skin Lexie Black Faux Leather Vegan Stilettos

3 12 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Founded in 2001, Beyond Skin is a favourite pract of Wolfram’s because it “offers a wide variety of styles.” They include this stiletto heel, which challenges the idea that ethical shoes are unattractive.

Matt & Nat Sibyl V Cut Block Heeled Point Shoe

4 10 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Content strategist and branding stylist Libby Bartley introduced us to Matt & Nat when she said this backpack was her go-to work bag. Los Angeles stylist Ali Levine points out that Matt & Nat also makes stylish vegan shoes. “They use recycled bottles, corks, rubber, nylons, and vegan leather,” she says. Although these shoes have block heels and notched-V vamps, they do not contain any animal products.

Susi Studio Hey Simone Sandals

5 10 You Need Comfort in Footwear

PETA and Susi Studio have collaborated on a line of boots, and a portion of the profits will go to PETA. These burgundy sandals are made of faux suede and are perfect for holiday parties. The Lulu’s sandal, which is one of Levine’s favourite brands, has a similar look for a much lower price.

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