Sandals to buy or not to buy?

Sandals are the open type of footwear consisting of straps which can be thin or long and vary in designs, the wearer holds the sandal with the help of toes or the straps go around the ankle. Favoured climate for the sandals is mostly summer. Walking sandals are quite effective on a busy day and will not give you any pain or discomfort if you choose the right footwear.

The sandals are made out of 4 parts which are similar to that of flip flops which are straps, insole, midsole and sole. They can be made from rubber, wood, rope etc. the sandal can also have a heel so the desire to look long will not be diminished by them.

There are differents types in which sandals are available namely:

1.Caligae : It is a heavy-soled footwear which is usually worn by the military.

102 You Need Comfort in Footwear

2. Fisherman sandal : it is usually worn by men and boys and there are numerous straps along the toes which are made of leather. Adjustable strap is used for fastening which is situated at the ankle. This type of design was first found in France.

3. High heeled sandal : it has a high heel and it may have multiple straps or single and designs are unique.

4. Hiking or trekking sandals : these are made of rubber outsole and have nylon or polyester straps to prevent absorption of water as there is a high chance of your footwear getting wet at such places. They also have arch support for better grip and it won’t trouble you during the trek.

5. Jelly sandals : these were made during the war days when there was shortage of leather and the jelly sandals are made of PVC material due to the combination of bright colours they were in demand, but the use slowly started decreasing due to the hard nature of the material, some of the customers faced issues of blisters which was caused because of the friction between the PVC strap and feet.

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6. Yoga sandals: these are the sandals which hold all the toes individually with its material and are known to have many health benefits like strengthening and straightening of the toes. They create proper balance of the feet and help in maintaining the posture and also relieves the stress of the feet.

How to find the best walking sandals ?

First of all, why do you need them? The simple answer to this question is that you require footwear which are comfortable to your feet so that you can give all your attention to the essential work and not grieve about the foot issues caused by the wrong sandal.

Sacrificing comfort and giving more value to fashion is the worst decision as per my opinion. Buy the ones which are soft and perfectly fitting, the ones which give good arch support, which has a thick sole.

Heel height can be your independent decision, you can choose it depending on your comfort zone. If you want to wear them for work then wedged heels are a great option as they have wider heel size and they keep up the balance nicely. Some sandals come with cushioned footbeds which are so soft on feet and will ease off any pain to the legs.

Fashion trends

1.            Double adjustable strapped sandals are chosen by many due to its tight fitting and it has a good hold on the feet, they have variable colour options and the material used for the straps like the fabric is good when it comes in contact with the skin.

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2.            The best part about them is they are manufactured in various colours and there is no chance of spotting another person with the same design. You can select the best design for yourself which suits your feet.

3.            Sandals of slip-on types are also great footwear with comfortable soles and can be worn for weddings and parties which look lavish. Choose the ones having royal embellishments and designs.

4.            These are very versatile and go with any style of dressing be it ethnic, casual or office wear.

·              The multicoloured sandals are quite trendy these days and these can be paired with outfit of any colour. Easy to dress up with and provide good comfort. Of Course you tend to choose more bright and vibrant colours in the summer, it fits perfectly for the occasion.

·              Dual coloured gold and white shimmered sandals look really neat and vintage which will look nice with ethnic long churidar or even sarees.

·              White platform sandals with uniform heels give you firmness and the straps present give a smart look. White shoes in this design will give an awesome casual look, and can be paired with denims.

·              Some often wear sandals in the winter and underneath it wear long socks – this trend was on the run.

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·              Sandals with tassel straps also look super cute and this trend was followed by the college going young adults.

·              Square toed design is unique and gives you a funky look.

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Sandals are loved by all as they are of good quality and also are available at reasonable prices unlike other costly shoes.

These are best for college going or office going people as they are always on the move and they require their feet to work at a faster pace, which often gets hindered by high heels and shoes are not right as they don’t fit into the work culture of formal dressing.

So altogether I would say sandals are good on the feet with fantastic designs and to keep you fashionable, also these sandals, support your feet, giving a nice grip. So you can definitely go for the sandals for daily use because of their cost effectiveness and great comfort. Chic and flattering sandals have been in use for so long and will continue to do so in future as well. Minimalistic and easy to clean are the best kind of footwear and need not spend any penny for the maintenance. Thank you for reading this article.

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