Safe and Secure Shoes

Safety shoes are one of those shoes that provide safety to the feet’s of people who are involved in work like mechanical engineers and other industrial workers. They are made from hard material to protect the feet from getting harm because of many reasons like: as the workers need to carry heavy material so to take care of the fact that the heavy material may fall on their feet and could cause harm these shoes were created to protect the feet from such incidents. One can not wear these kinds of shoes as daily wear because these shoes are heavy and are difficult to carry.

Safety Shoes Safety Shoes                

These shoes are not only available for men but they are available for women as well. One can find these shoes in colours like: black, brown, grey, blue and other such colours. these shoes can be a little expensive than others because they are made from high quality and heavy material so that the feet are safe. Also, the price differs according to the brands. Higher brands may have higher price like starting from 2000 to 5000 rupees or more.

Some features of safety shoes that makes them a good choice for industrial and other work are:

  1. They are made from high quality and heavy material that helps to keep the foot secure from sharp products or heavy materials.
  2. They prevent slips and trips and they are fully skid proof and water proof.
  3. They provide a good amount of cushioning and arch support to prevent pain for the workers who have to stand or walk all day.
  4. They help protecting the feet from fire burns as some industrialist have to work with fire for burning materials.
  5. They posses a good breathing space for the foot and doesn’t stop the blood flow of the feet.
  6. They protect the feet from electrical hazards as well. As we all have heard that one should always wear good footwear before touching electricity to prevent shock. These shoes are good for electrical workers.
  7. They help in soaking sweat and keeps the feet safe from other bacteria.

Safety ShoesSafety Shoes

These were some of the features of safety shoes that makes them perfect for the industrial workers.

Some of the safety shoes that one can find easily in the market place are as follows:

  1. Safety toed shoes: these shoes are specially made to protect the toe. They have a platform type layer at the toe part. The shoes are made from steel and non-metallic material that helps keeping the toe safe. These shoes have a good grip to protect the foot and are available in all sizes.

   Safety Shoes                Safety Shoes    


  1. Steel insole shoes: these shoes are made from good quality of steel and non – metallic material. They are good for those workers who have a pain in their feet. They provide great support and they are generally recommended for people who are usually involved in driving trucks or heavy load vehicles. They are available in all sizes.


  1. Metatarsal shoes: these shoes are highly secure and protect the foot from falling of heavy material. They protect the upper part of the foot bone and are made from material like steel, alloy and non – metallic materials that can help protect the feet. They are available in all sizes and provide a fine and good grip. They support the foot and are stable.

 Safety Shoes Safety Shoes  

  1. Electric hazard shoes: these shoes are designed for those industrial workers who are constantly working near the electrical plants and other stuff. They protect them from getting shocks and other things. They are highly protected shoes and are made from material like steel, alloy and non – metallic materials that can help protect the feet. They are available in all sizes and provide a fine and good grip. They support the foot and are stable.

Safety ShoesSafety Shoes

These shoes also protect the workers in all weathers whether it is summer, spring, monsoon or winter. They are made and designed by professionals and launched into the market after passing several tests. So, one need not to worry about the safety measures. They are advised to be worn with socks.

Now after considering the types, price and features of shoes, one should never forget the important factors to choose the right pair for yourself. Some of the factors that you should consider are:

  1. Brand: as we all know that branded things are always better than unbranded things and in footwear case branded things are important to avoid foot injury or any other issues. They might come a little costly but lasts longer.
  2. Size: before buying shoes, one should always check the correct size to avoid foot injury and provide a good breathing space to the foot.
  3. Material: one should always check the material of the shoes so that they are comfortable to wear and easy in walking.
  4. Purpose: before buying safety shoes also look at the purpose for which the buyer is looking for whether it is for electricity hazards or for heavy vehicle drives or other reasons.
  5. Comfortability: footwear shoes should be purchased according to one’s comfortability. One should always buy the footwear after trying them personally.

These were some of the important factors that one should always consider before buying footwears to avoid foot issues like: seed corn, blisters, bunions, heel-spur and many such issues related to foot. Especially for industrial workers they should always go for the shoes that are made for their work because wearing normal shoes might cause harm for them.



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