Roller skate shoes for boys

The popularity of skate shoes or tire shoes has grown over time, particularly among children. They find them very appealing and fascinating, especially boys, because boys always want toys like cars and Batman statues, and these shoes are always on their shopping list. Kids from the 90s, in particular, could relate to these shoes more quickly because they were considered fun and amazing shoes at the time. As, boys have a habit of doing skids and all that stuff these shoes are specially designed for that.Shoes for boys Shoes for boys

But these shoes are different from normal skating shoes that are used for skating and skating competitions. These shoes have a single tire at the heel port of the foot that helps them in doing skids easily. They look like normal shoes in design but have a tire at the back.

These shoes can be found in various designs and styles and many different brands have started manufacturing these kinds of shoes because nowadays as well boys of age 5 to 13 years like to buy these shoes. They are very popular shoes and are easily available in the market place. These shoes can be found in different colors like: red, black, blue, orange, yellow, white, grey and other colors. One can find the best one for them and buy. These shoes are light weight and the design is very simple and sober as boys prefer simple shoes that doesn’t have much designs or shiny material. These shoes provide a classy and attractive look to their personality.

Shoes for boys Shoes for boys



The cost and price of shoes depends upon the following factors:

  1. Brand
  2. Type of material used
  3. Production charges
  4. Market price and demand for them and other such factors

But one can find these in the range of 1000 – 2500 rupees approximately.



The roller of the shoes is fixed in the outer sole in such a way that the roller is not made visible and the effect of roller is also there. The roller is picked very precisely so that it doesn’t slip unnecessarily. As these shoes can be used for two ways one for doings skids and the other for walking. So the roller is chosen in such a manner that it doesn’t affect the foot while walking.

Shoes for boys Shoes for boys


They are completely water resistant and will not be damaged in the rain or when stepped in water. Since the shoes contains roller parents might get worried about their kids slipping and falling down. But the need not to worry because the outer sole of these shoes is prepared in such manner that it doesn’t slip in water or not slippery floor. The outer sole provide strength, support and helps in easy walking while the roller is a plus point to these shoes and provide a really good look to the shoes. Many big brands like Nike, adidas, sketchers etc. have started producing these shoes due to their high demand.

Shoes for boys Shoes for boys

These shoes are made of premium leather or light fabric, so they don’t feel heavy and provide a good space for the feet to breathe. The innersole is very comfortable and of high quality, and the inner sock aids in odor reduction. The outer sole has a good grip, which reduces the likelihood of slipping in water or on slick floors. They are available with laces, straps, or a combination of the two. These shoes can be washed in a washing machine. Keeping the needs of boys in mind, these shoes can be found with LED lights, giving them a very appealing and cool appearance. They are available with and without LED lighting.

Shoes for boys


Because boys enjoy outdoor sports such as running, football, and cricket, the flexibility of these shoes is essential. These shoes are suitable for all seasons and games. They are very comfortable and have cushions that prevent boys from experiencing foot or heel pain. They benefit from the sole when running or strolling.

Roller shoes have so many different and unique features in different designs as:

  • Single roller shoes: these are shoes with a single roller tire and they can be found with and without laces as per the choice of the buyer.

Shoes for boys Shoes for boys

  • Four tire roller shoes: these shoes have four tires at the middle part of the outer sole and their special feature is that the tires can be pulled outwards to provide a good height to the shoes and make them like the normal skating shoes.

Shoes for boysShoes for boys

  • LED light roller shoes: these shoes have a feature called LED light that is attached to the side area of the outer sole and that LED and roller combination provides a perfect look to the shoes. Also, the LED is rechargeable and comes with a charger. The LED and roller are safe and tested.
  • Shoes for boys Shoes for boys

These were some of the common type of roller shoes that one can look for in the market. They are completely safe and are very comfortable in wearing and while walking.

As we all know, if there are branded items, there are also cheap and unbranded items, and people prefer unbranded items because they are less expensive than branded items. However, in order to prevent your child from suffering from foot pain or injury at such a young age, making the right choice about a product, particularly shoes, is critical, as making a poor choice may result in problems or injuries such as flat foot and other problems. So, while choosing a good pair of roller shoes one should keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Brand: The shoes should be from a reputable and well-known brand.
  2. Comfort: Before purchasing shoes, one should always consider the comfort and safety of the shoes, which is especially important in the case of roller shoes.
  3. Correct size: Choosing the correct shoe size with adequate breathing space is critical, as it can result in finger or toe fractures.

These were some of the important factors that one should always keep in mind before buying roller shoes.


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