Lace up shoes: Reasons why shoes with lace became important

Lace up to Pace up 

                                        By – Bishwajeet Pal

To move ahead you have to walk, to progress, you have to run, nice for motivation right, but what actually needs to follow this quote? What is that thing to move ahead, to run?

Well, the answer is shoes, these commodities are an essential part of our day to day life without shoes we don’t even step out of our house, we wear them everywhere on every occasion, from going to school, college, office, etc . what shoes does to us the at they are so important?

The answer is to protect our foot, from the obstacles in the way or from any injury. Shoes or footwear are not just part for external uses but also for home, walking barefoot has some discomfort and can lead to a defect called a flat foot. 

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lace shoes

There are varieties of shoes and footwear all around the globe, even some also have a hobby to make a collection, a person who collects sneakers is known as a sneakerhead, let’s move to the different varieties of shoes and footwear: formal shoes, sports shoes, sneakers, boots, slippers, sandals, heels, etc so much to address.

he formal shoes are a part of decency and mainly famous for office use or at institutions, playing sports being very important for fitness and activeness to have a variety in the type of sport, boots are rough and tough made especially for such conditions for the people who love adventures, trekking or bike lovers, slippers are just made for home use soft delicate and comfortable.

Nowadays parties are very common and no one knows a better attire than women and that also working women so for their sandals, heels, bellies are there for their attire.

You Need Comfort in Footwear

Now let’s lookout at the History of these, going to the first pieces of evidence of these we find them around 6500 – 9000 years back, these were some sandals found from the Paleolithic age, in India the footwear’s take us back to the royal courts of the kings and nawabs, the royalty was reflected from their attire and one easily identifies by that the fact that they are aristocrats.

They used to wear Jutties with jewels and sparkles on them, but at the same time there were saints who have a simple attire and living the enlighten ones but for them also special footwear was there called Khadaw, the footwear stretches its clutches back from the existence of humans and part of life, we can’t imagine a life without shoes.

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It is also important to choose good quality shoes as they are a part of our comfort too, there are many different companies all around which give good quality shoes for every action, bad quality affect the bones and can cause injury, it is also important to maintain the and cleanliness of shoes and footwear, as our foot also sweats and germs and bacteria can easily reside there. Shoes being a very important part of our life.


                              “Choose your shoes now, to move ahead”You Need Comfort in Footwear

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