Protective and Prescribed Shoes

As some people have to go through surgeries related to foot and they have to wear the types of footwears that are suggested to them by the doctors. Surgical shoes do the work. They are those kinds of safety shoes that are specifically designed for people who have undergone a surgery related to feet. As wearing wrong shoes might create more problem related to the surgery it is advisable to wear these shoes so that they do their work and contribute in fast recovery of the foot. These are also known as post – surgery shoes.

  Surgical shoes Surgical shoes  x

Some of the common types of surgeries that happen are:

  1. Foot corn surgery: this happens when there’s a hard layer of skin starts developing on the foot in the shape of clots. They create problems while walking. The surgery helps in removing them and wearing the right shoes that are prescribed by the doctors is important for fast recovery.
  2. Bunion’s surgery: these are bone lumps that can occur at the toe and create problem in walking. A person with bunion’s cannot run. The surgery helps in removing these lumps and wearing the right shoes that are prescribed by the doctors is important for fast recovery.
  3. Flat foot: this problem occurs in childhood and remains till old age. Therefore, doctors suggest special shoes for people who have flat foot.

These were some of the problems that one can experience in life related to foot. There are many more problems that may force one to undergo surgery like: metatarsal foot, hammer toe foot, Achilles tender disorder, fusions, ankle surgery, fracture, Morton’s neuroma and may other such surgeries.

   Surgical shoes     Surgical shoes

To support the foot post-surgery these shoes are designed with the following features:

  1. Supportive grip: these shoes should have a good and supportive grip so that they don’t make the person fall on slippery floor.
  2. Water proof: these shoes should be water proof so that the water doesn’t enter the shoes because if the water goes inside the shoes, it can create fungal infection as well.
  3. Flat: these should not have any kind of heel and they should be flat.
  4. Adjustable and oversized: these shoes should be adjustable and oversized so that if the foot has any bandage or something like that it can fit in easily.
  5. Open from toe: these shoes should be open from toe or from top so that it helps in good breathing of the foot.
  6. Comfy sole: the sole should be comfortable so that it helps in decreasing the pain.
  7. Free size: surgical shoes are free size and can easily fit on anyone’s foot because they are designed in a way that the feet with bandage can fit in completely without causing any pain or damage.

Some of the types of surgical shoes that are available in the market and prescribed by the doctors are as follows:

  1. Orthopaedic shoes: these shoes are specially designed to support the foot after the surgery. They have good breathing space and are waterproof. They are sweat proof so that to avoid bacteria or fungal infection. They promote in faster recovery.

    Surgical shoes    Surgical shoes


  1. Athletic shoes: these shoes are advised to be worn for a month or two after the foot is recovered. So that it helps in proper walking and provide comfort after the bandage is removed. Because the foot need time to get back to normal routine therefore these safety shoes help in that. They are waterproof and sweat proof. They possess a good breathing space for the foot and helps in avoiding bacterias.

Surgical shoesSurgical shoes

  1. Dress shoes: these shoes are for people who have to visit office every day. These are designed in such a manner that they provide support to the feet post – surgery and after the bandages are taken off. They are comfortable and have a cushiony sole. They look like clogs. They are made from soft leather material that helps in providing good comfort. They are available for both men and women. they provide ease in walking and one can stand for hours while wearing them. Available in both sizes they possess a good breathing space and absorbs sweat.                                                                               Surgical shoesSurgical shoes

These were some of the most common shoes that one can find in the market place. They are designed by professionals and are launched into market after considering all the factors and after being tested by good doctors. These are not much expensive but one can find them at a price range of 1000-2500 and more because of the quality of material used in them.

Some of the qualities that one should look for in athletic surgical or safety shoes and dress surgical shoes are as follows:

  1. Size: before buying shoes, one should always check the correct size to avoid foot injury and provide a good breathing space to the foot.
  2. Material: one should always check the material of the shoes so that they are comfortable to wear and easy in walking.
  3. Comfortability: footwear shoes should be purchased according to one’s comfortability. One should always buy the footwear after trying them personally.
  4. Brand: one should always buy branded shoes because unbranded shoes can create more problems than expected. Because branded shoes are made of good and high – quality material. And for the people who have recently gone through foot surgery brand is very important because the foot need treatment after that and branded shoes will provide the right treatment for them.

Some of the well – known brands that are recommended by the doctors are as follows:

  1. Acorn
  2. Aetna
  3. Apex
  4. Arco pedico
  5. Ortho feet
  6. ortho
  7. Spring step

And many other brands that are recommended by doctors.

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