51 1 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Artificial intelligence is something continually developing and supplanting human. The vast majority of the work being finished by people is presently being finished by machines which will change the work space just as increment the usefulness. With such countless benefits, it additionally has a few disservices. The introduction of AI in the footwear area can lead us to many advantages, for example, worked on personal satisfaction, expanded efficiency, can offer various projects and open freedoms, less labor necessity and significantly more. However, a few parts of AI will likewise frequent the human labor force and business. In such a circumstance, the inquiry emerges that would we say we are completely prepared for AI for the footwear area? Assuming I need to address this inquiry, everything I can say is that really we are not completely ready to execute AI in footwear field, we need significantly more examination and afterward perhaps we can introduce AI somewhat or for any specific work in the footwear area.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is supposed to be the “knowledge” displayed by machines. Computer based intelligence projects can copy or copy psychological practices or attributes related with human information like basic reasoning, critical thinking, and learning. Such mechanical advancement can take us where individuals have no work to do. In the event that advanced mechanics and machines will tackle our job later on, in the future there will be no turn out left for people to do. Artificial intelligence will massively affect the eventual fate of the human power, as the disclosure of AI will permit robots and machines to do what people used to do previously. Artificial intelligence will gradually and consistently disturb the working of the business and workforce. In the event that we talk about footwear, there are numerous departments and each department plays a significant part in making footwear. Furthermore, every department has numerous significant capacities to do which one machine can do however it will obstruct the work of numerous individuals.52 1 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Shoes in particular are an important part of our wardrobe collection of clothes. our shoes are designed to keep our feet safe, clean and comfortable from tough environments, as mankind has been wearing them for thousands of years. They may have become somewhat of a fashion statement in the modern world but are still shoes is being designed and developed to assist us in many ways. Many technologies are going to embed in the future of footwear. There are now shoes that are targeting foot problems such as running shoes targeting people with flat feet, shoes that generate electricity to charge mobile devices, the shoes are able to calculate calories burned due to daily leg movement. Smart Shoes Paired With Certain Wearable Shoes the technology can accurately track and display a person’s fitness progress. Power lacing is also very new and innovative concept in the world of footwear. Lethal Haptic footwear, which when paired with our smart phones can help us navigate new places.

Regardless of whether we take the case of India, then, at that point the arising of AI in the footwear area will take time and it’s additionally not exceptionally practical on the grounds that lone the talented individual will work in the footwear area however the machines and the expense of all that will be more and in footwear there are part of work for each work assuming we use53 You Need Comfort in Footwear

machine, a mistake can happen so easily. Companies who have a decent foundation might be in future they can bear the cost of it yet for some work a talented individual will be required.

The most evident impact will be that most of the work or we can say all the work will be transformed from manual basis to digital base. If AI will do all the manual works and every work a human do then there will be new educational programs will  introduce in future that leads us to a new industry establishment. AI can open future opportunities and will increase the productivity and the demand as well. AI will improve the working condition and it will also improve the quality of life. With lots of creativity and innovation it will also hamper the lives of labour force and average skilled person. AI will affect the local manufacturers and the traditional footwear manufacturers as well. AI will contribute to bring newer opportunities but there are so many departments and every department have a ton of functions to do. If we use machines and robotics for every single work , then the production cost will be more higher. We can use AI for doing some relevant work and  but this can’t be affordable for doing every single work in manufacturing of footwear. AI is not cost effective but it will increase the productivity. If we started using AI in footwear and totally got dependent then the transformation of every new innovation will also take time because for every work may be we needed a new machine to perform the required function. The maintenance cost of these kind of machines will also be higher.

So the points I would like to mention First, AI can open opportunities and innovation in a footwear sector, but the question arises that are we ready for it or not ? Second thing is that with so many advantages it also has some disadvantages as well, AI will totally disrupt the business mechanism, and it will hamper the lives of labor. Third is that for every work we needed a machine that totally going to increase the productivity, but the production cost will also increase. Fourth is that the maintenance cost will be higher. Fifth is that the company will require only few skilled people, so that will lead many of them unemployed and race of being good in every task will also be very difficult and in that case people should start upgrading their skills for future need. And the last thing is that the AI can be implemented in footwear sector partially only with the company’s having a great infrastructure, but local producers can’t afford these kinds of machines.






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