Pointy heels vs Block heels

Heels are one of the favourite parts of women’s dressing up routine as they just light up the look of the outfit and make it all the more glamorous and stylish.

In this article we are comparing the two high in demand heels that are pointy heels and block heels.

Point heels ofcourse are long, thin heels and pointy in structure which are called as stiletto. They are mostly displayed by the models and fashion experts. They are really top notch fashionable items and are desired by everyone. This heel being higher than the rest of the types of heels, generally steals the show and are great for parties and fashion shows etc.

Main advantage of a stiletto is they make you appear longer which definitely boosts confidence and also makes the body look leaner. Some say they also build muscles in the calves.

Stilettos are available in different designs and numerous prints. They make the feet look sexy and attractive when worn in the right way and are appreciated by all.

  1. Bold coloured plain stilettos

 These are super plane without any design but one pure solid colour. This is enough to make an impact and sometimes simple is beautiful. They are like the statement heels and the best part is they can be paired easily and ultimately become the go to heels.                                                                                        Bold colored plain stilettos

  1. Animal printed stiletto heels

These are meant for courageous people who are willing to spend on heels wholeheartedly. They look really bold and astonishing with the design. You can also coordinate the similar animal print pattern in your design as well.                  Animal printed stiletto heels

  1. Ballet stiletto

The toes are covered and only the instep is exposed in these types. They are perfect for semi -formal occasions and elevate the mood effectively. Even suitable for those women who do not like a skin show.


  1. Gladiator stiletto

Best for teenage girls and can be paired with casual outfits. These are cool looking heels and suits any occasion.

Gladiator Sandals

  1. Floral stiletto design

Pretty and elegant looking footwear with a cute height looks good for subtle looks. The design completes the whole footwear including the length of the heel and sometimes even covers the inside of the footwear. They act as minute details which pop in colour in the outfit.

Floral stiletto design

Block heels

These are wider and square heeled footwear in comparison to a stiletto and are really comfortable for the new heel wearers.  They were first launched in 1965 and look fresh and authentic in design.

The advantage of using these heels is that they are easy to balance and because of the square shape the pressure exerted on the feet is quite equal and they give the much needed stability.

They are practical footwear and can be used in offices and fits the go to work category. Even though they can be worn in the office that doesn’t mean these are boring, whereas block heels are available in various designs and colours. The height of the heel varies and you can choose according to your preference.

Some of the must have pairs:

  1. Textured block heel

These have a single wide strap in front and an adjustable strap with buckle at the ankle. The wider strap has a textured design and it is subtle yet attractive.    Textured block heels

  1. Single wide strappy block heel

It has only one wide area strap with a backless design. These are perfect slip on heels with cool colours.                                                                                    Single wide strappy block heel

  1. Embellished block heel

Totally ethnic design looks so pretty and is comfortable for traditional events. The strap has little gemstones embedded with contrasting colours.

Embellished block heel

  1. Open toe block heels

Daily wear design with a unique thin strap covering only a single toe which has a cushioned footbed and patterned outsole. The colour is sweet and great for outdoors.

Open toe block heels

  1. Solid block heels

Solid colours can never fail and block heels in either black or white colour look amazing. It matches every outfit effortlessly.


Disadvantages of heels

Continuous wearing of heels is not good for the health of feet and it may cause various diseases related to it like the knee problem and Achilles tendon. The foot pain observed after removing the heels is immense and is usually felt by most of the women.

As we are comparing between pointy heels and block heels, according to me block heels would produce a lesser amount of discomfort and are user friendly.

One way of reducing the pain is wherever you go out in heels and if you have to wear them for a long period of time then you should definitely carry an extra pair of footwear and give your legs a break for a few minutes.

Another method is adding inserts to the heels which will act as a cushioning and will function as a shock absorber. Buying the correct size of the footwear will help you overcome the distress called by the heels.


Who wins this race can’t be decided by me as both the styles are prefered by different types of people. The stiletto is described as the more bold and sexy heel whereas the block heel is comfortable and secured along with the fashion element. In stilettos the overpowering shoe is the high thigh bootie and In the block heels everything looks sophisticated but if you ask to pick one then black boots look too fine.

Stilettos can be paired with skirts, dresses and trousers. The block heels are also versatile and can be paired with long dresses, jackets or simple tees and jeans.

After all, comfort is all that matters as a beginner. You can try out block heels first and then slowly jump onto the pointy heels gang. But I must say block heels are not much behind the fashion race and give  retro vibes as well. No it’s up to you to decide which one you find better and if you have already made your choice then do let me know in the comments. Thank you for reading, I hope you liked the article.



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