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Monsoon has landed this year in India and you definitely cannot wear your daily wear shoes in monsoon as they will fall apart. People always buy new shoes to prepare for monsoons or you could reuse the previous year’s one. Sometimes people neglect the trending type of footwear or are not much interested in making an effort in choosing the best and fashionable footwear in the rainy season as they think it won’t be noticed. But now actually shoes are available which will be suitable to be worn in water and also have a style statement to flaunt this monsoon.Monsoon footwear

Being lazy and not choosing to get waterproof shoes can be really dangerous as I have seen many scenarios where the normal sandal is broken midway to your important work and sometimes due to the rain the usual daily wear sandal sole gets worn off which can cause embarrassment in the public. So it’s better we don’t be lazy and buy one shoe which is perfect to be worn in the monsoons.

The main and the most important quality required in the monsoon footwear is that it should be waterproof. Choosing the shoes becomes a task as you might be handed over a poor quality footwear in the name of waterproof one.

Waterproof shoes are built in by making use of  rubber outsole and prevents the penetration of water inside the shoes, as the shoes get in contact with water all the time during a downpour, chances are high of your feet also may remain wet if the quality of the footwear is not that good and in turn this might affect your health due to the bacterial infections.

Some qualities to look for in addition to waterproof, durability, less maintenance and look. So there are high chances of you slipping on the ground due to the algae. That is why shoes consisting of good grip are really necessary. Softness of the material as you don’t want to get cuts on your feet that is why material should be considered too. Flexibility is another criteria to look for as the material used in the making may be quite sturdy that it could hinder your flexibility. Support to the ankle is also crucial as the ground is already slippery and twisting of the ankle may happen anytime.

As the most explored activity in the monsoons is hiking and trekking, a pair of these can really get handy for you. Lightweight hiking shoes are a great deal as these are water resistant and give excellent grip to walk on the terrain and provide tremendous traction with a budget friendly price. Trekking shoes as well are made of rubber and elastic material to wash off the water without absorption and they possess anti-slip properties with solid grip and protection to the ankle. These shoes should be considered when you plan on going for an adventurous activity. Be careful while going on such trips and always be under the guidance of an expert.

Monsoon footwear

For daily wear you can choose from clogs, fashionable waterproof shoes which have a silhouette design which removes the water which enters the footwear and they are available in a variety of colours which look fabulous on your feet in the rainy season. They have a heel strap which increases the comfort of the shoes. It has superior grip so that you do not lose the confidence of walking on wet surfaces. Rain sneakers are now available too which maintains the fashion and protection comfortably, as sneakers are the epitome of style it is amazing that they are made in waterproof material as well and the sneakerheads won’t miss them in the rains.

Simple sandals of waterproof nature which have a wide platform which is made of rubber is also good option to choose in the rains and these are unisex and the design suits both the genders easily. This type of footwear is usually bound by Velcro strap and helps you in handy adjustments.Monsoon footwear

Shoes are waterproofed by various techniques like spray, wax, cream etc. the specialized sprays are sprayed on the shoes of the material leather, suede, synthetic material. The wax coating is applied on the leather and suede shoes by first heating it and applying it with the help of a clean cloth. Cream is also used which is put on the shoes using a cloth and then dried thoroughly.

Monsoon footwear

Some of the advantages of waterproof shoes we tend to miss out, in the rainy season our feet is prone to blisters and cuts as the skin gets in contact with water most the time if you work outdoors and it becomes highly sensitive. That is why it is important for the shoes to be waterproof to avoid contact with water and also the material should be soft on skin. It should prevent blisters. The material which is widely used in monsoons is leather, plastic, synthetic. It allows air circulation and flexibility to the feet. Of Course the waterproof shoes will your feet completely dried and help you avoid the irritation caused by wet feet.

By taking care of your feet in the monsoon season you can stay away from unwanted infections and problems of the feet. For proper comfort you must choose the right kind of shoes for yourself, keeping in mind the comfort. You can remain stylish by playing with the colors and keeping up with the funkiness. Choose vibrant colors and don’t worry if your shoes get dirty as they can wash away all the dirt due to it’s washable material.

In this article we have seen the difficulties faced in the rainy season and which material you should go for, some points to keep in mind while going to shop for the footwear to wear in this season and the various options available for you guys. Buying shoes mindfully is quite important. So here I end my article and hope you have read it carefully and have liked it. Thank you.


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