Why are Loafers the perfect shoes to have in your shoesing?

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Loafers for men: Loafers have not always been popular. But today, they are at the top of shoe trends to adopt. We explain to you why loafers deserve a place in your shoesing.

about:blank Loafers are one of those long-misunderstood shoes. Considered a bit too classic, the shoes of discord have not always been popular. And yet, just like ballerinas, which are (re) making a place for themselves in shoes, loafers are back. Better, they are everywhere. And we love it without moderation. 

Wearing loafers, the right fashion reflex? 

But then, why this renewed interest in the moccasin / loafers ? It all starts with its practicality. With its comfortable flat sole and chic look, it presents itself as the perfect candidate to face all fashion challenges. As comfortable paired with an evening dress as with mom jeans , the moccasin is perfect on all fronts. 

Loafers for men

With a character just as masculine as feminine, the moccasin knows how to make its place in our wardrobe and for good reason, it is easy to wear and adapts to all our outfits.

As sunny days and mild temperatures approach, our dressing room begins to do its spring cleaning. Gone are the days of tights, riding boots and block-heeled ankle boots and make way for seasonal pieces , like 3/4 jeans and mid-season jackets. And the moccasin / loafers is certainly one of the most suitable pieces for this change, even if obviously, this pair of shoes can be worn all year round.


If there is one pair that we see very regularly at the moment, it is this one, the loafers . And on the trendy side, Prada has managed to offer a model that has capsized the hearts of our favorite fashionistas for some time now. As alluring as they can be, they also offer a masculine-feminine charm that leaves us almost speechless.

Long seen as the shoes of the old days, bourgeois style and a little outdated, loafers are back in force for spring / summer 2021 . And for a modern and chic look, nothing could be simpler, just a few timeless pieces to highlight and sublimate them on a daily basis.

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If this pair is not yet unanimous, it is for fear of falling into a style that does not suit us. And yet, nothing could be easier than to associate them with our wardrobe, for a total chic and relaxed look . 

How to wear them? With simple high-waisted 3/4 mom jeans , why not paired with a light ruffled shirt or blouse. And while waiting for the sun and warmer temperatures to return, a little pastel-colored sweater will do the trick.  And if you are more of a fan of bare legs, they will perfectly match a little dress worn under a timeless beige or black trench coat.

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