Loafers for men and women

What are loafers?

Loafers are shoes that do not have laces and are an adaptation of moccasin which is typically made up of leather. At first, they were used as casual shoes but are now being used even for formal meetings. They started gaining popularity soon after their launch, it was because of a few reasons like wearability, not much effort to take you can easily slip in and you are good to go.


Some of the features of loafers are:

1. It doesn’t have laces and is also called slip-on shoes

2. The sole is independent of the upper.

3. It is generally a low shoe and the ankle is slightly exposed.

4. The shoe is similar to a moccasin.

5. The loafers have separate soles.

6. They have plane designs other than moccasins.

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There are various types of loafers available:

1. Wildsmith loafers:

They were introduced in 1926 for the first time. They were made by Matthew and Rebecca Wildsmith. These are the traditional loafers with saddle instead of laces and it has a distinctive stitched seam.

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2. Aurland loafers:

They were developed by Nils Goriusson in the year 1930. They consist of raised stitching on the apron.

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3. Penny loafer:

These were launched in 1936. They are considered as one of the classics. They have a slightly large cut-out detail in the saddle. It has a casual look. It can be worn along with socks. It has a leather strap across the top of the shoe.

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4. Kiltie loafer:

It has an attached leather flap sewn over the vamp of the shoe which is secured with a bow or tassels. These can be worn to a casual night out like garden parties, dinner, etc.

5. Gucci loafers:

These are also known as snaffle loafers. It has a metallic embellishment of horse-bit which is their trademark. Before this would come mostly in brown color but Gucci added the black color to make its game stronger in the shoe world. They were launched in the year 1953. Black shoes with golden horse-bit look dashing and serve a dual purpose of a casual look and even formal wear.

6. Belgian loafer:

They came out in 1954 and are sturdier than deck shoes. They have a bow on top and it is sewn inside out to create a fine seam.

7. Tassel loafer:

These give a stylish look to the traditional shoes which were launched in the year 1957. They can be worn at the pub or to the theatre. Here the tassel is used as a decoration but gradually it became a hit and the tassel was seen as a mark of recognition for those shoes. Suede loafers are perfect along with cotton pants.

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8. Apron loafer:

They are distinguished by the stitches that finish off at the toe. These are also called moc toe. Due to the presence of a stitching line, it gives a sense of crease between the top of the toe and bottom.

Loafers have undergone many different changes since the time of their first launch in the market. These can be paired with anything and everything. They look stunning with a nice shirt and jacket combination. They can be worn sockless with shorts. Wearing loafers on jeans enhances the look definitely as it appears as if you have made an effort to get ready which is sufficient reason to impress others.

They look amazing with chinos until you keep the colors well coordinated. Suede loafers gave the normal leather loafers a great competition as they have a smooth texture and shiny luster to them when polished. Wear your loafers every time by giving them a little polish and they will look stunning. Suede one’s give them a semi-formal look that fits any occasion.

Women now can ditch their heels and embrace the comfortable yet stylish loafers which are most importantly flat. But not to worry for women who have a fetish for heightened shoes, they come in flat heels and those lovers won’t be left out. Women can pair loafers with black or plaids skirts. Monochrome-colored outfits will look great on black loafers. Wear pants that are not baggy and there should be enough distance left between the shoe and pants, so cropped pants will serve the purpose. You can pair your loafers with a decent-looking white shirt and a blazer. You will be surprised to know about the printed loafers, fabric, and fur available too.

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The most preferred are black, beige, suede and burgundy because these go very well with any outfit. These colors are for classic and vintage looks but you want to get a cool vibe then try out some bright and summery colors like green, navy blue, etc while keeping in mind the tones of your outfit to compliment them. Recently people have been demanding loafers in all-natural colors so gear up and pair them with all your favorite outfits after all fashion is all about finding your comfort. These are not bound by season and are trendy round the clock.

Why should one own a loafer?

1. To be timeless, these shoes don’t go out of style and can be worn at any time of the year.

2. They are comfortable as hell, who would ditch comfort and here you don’t even need to look less stylish at that cost.

3. They look incredibly stylish and sophisticated.

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Caring for the shoes is required to keep them new for the longest of the time. For leather and suede shoes, lightly hand wash the shoes and don’t dump them in machine washes and dry them carefully after every wash to remain in their best form. You can apply any cream available in the market to retain its luster, make sure to do this after every wear.

Now that you know everything that is needed about loafers, don’t hesitate to grab your hands with one of these types. You can find your fit very easily and there is an unlimited option to go for. Make your pick look classy and slick.

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