LED SHOES 101: Why do you need New LED Shoes?

The craze for LED shoes has grown with time especially in kids. They find them very attractive and fascinating, especially boys, as boys always want toys like cars, batman statues, etc. these shoes are always there on their list of buying things. Especially, 90’s kids could relate to these shoes more quickly as at that time these shoes were considered a luxury for them. Every other house had these shoes. Now, as well the boys between the age of 5-12 years want these shoes. 


These shoes come in many designs and styles also different brands have started manufacturing LED shoes to attract kids. Led shoes were very cool in the ’90s but with an increase in technology and styles these shoes have become advance and now they are rechargeable as well.

They can be converted into normal sneakers and back to LED as per preference. They are lightweight and comes in simple and sober colors as now people don’t prefer to buy much fancy stuff. They look classy and attractive and the lights give them a whole new and cooler look. At night they are helpful as boys have a habit of playing till late night these shoes help them with light. 

Are our LED shoes expensive than normal shoes? 

Since this question must have arrived in your mind that are they costly or not, we would like to inform you that the cost depends on the brand, size and the making of the shoes. 

The LED light in shoes

The LED in these shoes can be both static and dynamic or maybe a combination of both. The shoes may include that flickering LED lights or they may be with just one simple LED light example white light. The light could give flashy effects or it could be a color cycle or it might give fading effects. This LED provides grace and glows to the shoes which makes them look cooler. 

The biggest problem that these shoes had earlier was of the LED light battery going down but with the fast-growing technology these shoes can be recharged by plugging in the charger in them and the light starts glowing again. 

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Since they are rechargeable it saves quite a lot of money as earlier when their battery died kids used to demand another pair and you had to buy a new one for them. But now since they are rechargeable you don’t need to buy new ones every month. 

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They are completely waterproof and don’t get damaged in rain or when stepped in water. They are a life savior in the dark as because of the light the bike riders and car drivers can see that someone is coming and can help save the kid from meeting an accident. 

Since the shoes contain batteries and are rechargeable and the fear of unsafe level of mercury in LED, parents get worried about if it might affect their kid’s health or their kid may get a shock because of the same and sometimes refuse to buy such shoes.

But since the battery is safe to use, they needn’t worry about this, these shoes are completely safe and tested. Also, every LED light is designed by a team of experts.

Many big brands like Nike, Adidas, Sketchers, etc. have started producing these shoes due to their high demand. 

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These shoes are made with premium leather or light fabric so that they don’t feel heavy and provide a good space for the feet to breathe and the innersole is very comfy and made with premium quality and the inner sock helps in reducing odor.

The outer sole has a nice grip that reduces the risk of slipping in water or on slippery floors. The rubber that is used is of high quality with good quality LED lights. They come with laces as well as straps and a combination of both lace and strap. These shoes are washable in washing machines.

Keeping the demands of boys in mind these shoes also have a very small skate roller tire that gives them a very attractive and cool look. They come in both with a skate roller and without a skate roller. 

As per the choice, these shoes come in different-different colors like black, blue, white, green, red, yellow, pink, rainbow, etc. Since kids especially boys are very picky about colors so keeping that in mind these colors were created.

You Need Comfort in Footwear

As boys are very fond of outdoor games like running, football or cricket these shoes are flexibility of shoes is important. These shoes are flexible for all seasons and for all games they are very comfortable and have cushions that prevent boys from having pain in the foot or in the heel. The sole helps them in running and strolling. 


As we all know that if there are branded things then there are also cheap and unbranded things as well and people usually go for unbranded stuff as it costs cheaper than the branded one. But to avoid your child from foot pain or injury at such young age making the right choice about a product especially shoes is important as making a bad choice might result in problems or injuries like a flat foot or foot injury or heel pain or bad foot growth. So, while choosing good LED shoes one should keep in mind the following factors:

  1. Brand: the shoes should be of a good and a well-known trusted brand.
  2. Comfort: before considering the shoes, one should always check the comfortability and safety of the shoes and in case of LED shoes it is very important. 
  3. Correct size: taking a shoe of correct size with good breathing space is important otherwise it can result in breaking of fingers or other.
  4. Colour and LED type: it is important to take the right colour with good quality of LED in the shoes so that it last long.
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You Need Comfort in Footwear

The craze for LED shoes has grown with time in kids and it is important to pick up the right shoes with the right LED light. 

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