Importance of shoes

Shoes are often considered as the means of first impression and everyone want their first impression to be right. People now might be judging others on the way they have dressed for a particular occasion which includes also the shoes. A study was conducted by the name ‘shoes as source of first impressions’ and a group of people had submitted the photographs of their mostly worn shoes and the participants had to guess the personality traits of their owners. Researchers had narrowed on some of the parameters like age, gender, income etc. Quite surprisingly the participants could actually guess the correct assumptions. Like the bright and colourful kind of shoes indicated that its owner is extrovert or high ankle shoes owners were bit aggressive.

From this it is very much clear that people do associate your identity with a pair of shoes you wear. Of course you should wear the shoes for your comfort and as you like, not concerning about others.


Why shoes are worn, speaking in basic language, first and foremost to protect the legs and the feet from extremities and then for fashion sake, you play with the designs and the look of the footwear.

Foot can get many problems if we walk bare feet like you can get corns, fungal ail infections, athlete’s foot and so on. Then to treat the feet you have spent your time and energy and also bear the pain. Instead preventing it is way better. Advocating people about these issues is a nice thing.

Shoes help in reducing the pain of the foot and they minimize the impact of the walking and the features like shock absorbers and comforting padding can help reduce the pain better. They give you ease of walking and the bad fitting or uncomfortable shoes can give you unwanted back pain or mobility issues.

The people who are not able to even afford basic footwear go through so much and are easily exposed to fungal and bacterial infection related to the foot. It’s important to value the footwear we are accessible to and not to take it for granted.

Shoes are also very important for the balance and posture of the body and right shoes can be a blessing and will prevent you from getting in touch with problems like lower back pain and other injuries.

Shoes are now a symbol of cultural and wealth status, so people have agreed to invest in the footwear. There are different shoes worn as per the occasion and It varies from country to country.

Some of the footwear and the wearer’s personality characteristics derived from it:

  1. Ballerina flats : these express that you choose comfort over style and you understand your worth and are unaffected by the external forces. At the same time you believe in elegant attire and like to keep the look subtle and sweet.      Ballerina flats
  2. High heels : you are very confident and are one of the extrovert  kind of personality. You are bold and also want to get the attention of all and be in the spotlight.
  3. Gladiators : these are chosen by the people who are outgoing and free and are well aware about their style. They look best on dainty foot. Right fitting is the key or else this footwear will look really shabby. Gladiators
  4. Flats : people who prefer flats are on the go and excited to venture in any sudden activity. They are very active and are cool with the casual look. They like to be in the comfort zone.
  5. Flip flops : people who happily wear flip flops in public are the most happy go lucky and jolly kind of personality, who are chill in every situation and dont care much about the passing judgements. Flip flops
  6. Wedges and Platform heels : these type of shoes are chosen by the people who are well balanced and are really aware of their strengths. They keep it classy by wearing the sturdy high heels and yet look fashionable and bang on with their style. Being the wider heeled footwear it is easy to walk in and the design speaks for itself.
  7. Sneakers : the personality of the sneakerhead shouts sassiness and coolness from all dimensions and with the perfect clothes to match on sneakers radiate the best vibe out of you. Being comfortable in your shoes is an asset and sneakers beautifully gives you that.
  8. Shoes which are highly maintained and are really preserved well indicate that the person is a keeper and conscientious personality. Whereas the opposite would be true for a person who is careless and risk taker.
  9. shoes reaching the ankle length are said to be used by the aggressive people.

These were revealed from some of the studies and may not be fully true and one shouldn’t try to dress to please anyone and should do what it feels to them. Shoes had only one purpose to life but the people have associated them with numerous things. Unintentionally the shoes might depict some of the characteristics about you but that’s okay.

Finally you should choose the footwear which suits your mood and the one which is comfortable to your feet. As it is said if your feet is happy so is your body. Just to impress someone you need not put yourself down. Quality matters in that case, fashion can definitely wait. Good shoes will help you in maintaining your gait and posture better.


We have discussed about the advantages of shoes and how it is a basic amenity to humans. The shoes and it’s association with the personality of the user and the different types of it. Finally putting your best foot forward is essential while balancing it out with the best fit. I hope you have liked this article and next time would know which shoes which depict what side of your personality. Thank you for reading the article. Happy reading !

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