How to take advantage of the shopping sales: 8 tips you should know

how to take advantage of the sales

Let’s be honest, the sales period is both exciting and challenging! You look forward to finding your favorite pieces noticed a few weeks earlier at a reduced price. You can imagine the great discoveries and the good deals. Your motivation is at its peak to find your nuggets ! The ones that will forge your style. But how to make the most of the sales is not such a simple question. Above all, exercise should not become an opportunity to overconsume and fill your wardrobe with clothes of all kinds chosen at random. That you won’t be wearing and that will only burden your body and mind. Your style deserves your full attention, even during the sales . So follow my 8 tips forsucceed in all your purchases and continue to create a wardrobe that reflects your image, practical and durable . Without unnecessary to take advantage of the sales

1) use a conscious shopping list

A valuable list

If you read me regularly, you already know that I advise you to operate with a shopping list all year round. If not, the process is very simple. Once your detox dressing is done, your type of figure identified and your wardrobe basics evaluated, you will have your precious list of priorities . That is, your next purchases . Those that correspond to you 100%, that will not disappoint you and that you will enjoy wearing every day. This list may vary depending on the period. Sometimes it will be limited, sometimes it will be more fleshed out. Always according to your personal style and the clothes you want to integrate into your wardrobe. Write it down in a small pocket-sized notebook so you can slip it into your bag and easily consult it wherever you are. I love to write and am very into little notebooks. But you can also use your smartphone.

A list for successful sales

I advise you not to go to the sales without this list. She will guide you for mindful, reasoned and sustainable purchases . Nothing could be worse than planning a day of blind shopping, without having prepared it properly. The steps mentioned above to create it (detox dressing – silhouette – basics) are in my opinion necessary to buy knowingly. Without this list, you’ll come home with bags packed, a again cluttered wardrobe, and a bunch of clothes you just will never wear.. Most often of poor quality. Because yes, it’s tempting to buy 5 highs & 5 lows at floor prices. And to come home with your arms loaded with packages. Excitement at its height. We’ve all fallen for it already, haven’t we? Because how long does the feeling of satisfaction last? Do you know the answer…

A list to set your priorities

I suggest you instead opt for 2 to 5 beautiful timeless pieces maximum which will forge your personal style and which will make you happy for many years to come. Quality rooms are also the ones in which you will feel the best. Some brands are playing on their name to inflate their prices without falling behind in quality. But others really justify their prices with pieces of beauty on all levels. In short, set priorities and operate in order. It’s as simple as that.

But it’s not always so, simply because you tend to indulge in the frenzy of store marketing strategies (clothing featured on the front of the store, colorful signs announcing ‘exceptional’ discounts, saleswomen who find you completely hot in all the parts you try, as if by chance…). Don’t be fooled, just listen to yourself, your gut, and follow your list . It’s your holy grail!People who read this article also read:   9 mistakes you should not make with your shoes

how to take advantage of the sales

2) Locate the parts in advance and be patient

No more compulsive shopping!

How many times have you ever fallen for a part and then seen it at -50% a few weeks or worse a few days later? And yes, this is normal. Your compulsive shopping tendency sometimes plays tricks on you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy anything outside of the sales of course. But buy measured and be patient . If you come across an exceptional piece, a real favorite, indulge yourself directly. It will bring you happiness and contribute to your self-confidence. For others, think a little and ask yourself the right questions. There is the ‘ kiss ‘ method which works very well. I suggest you read the article on ‘Stop over-consuming: 5 keys to get there’.

The power of eshop

Once the sales have started, go back to your list and go in search of these pieces spotted before. Your pleasure will only be greater if you find them. If they can’t be found, don’t panic. There are solutions. You can do the sales on the internet and do a search on the brand’s eshop. You would be surprised to see that they are sometimes more provided than the shops. Best of all, you’ve tried the piece before, so you can go with your eyes closed. Just in case, double check the return conditions. Many eshop now offer free returns, credit vouchers or even refunds. It also works the other way around, sometimes you won’t find anything on the eshop but the piece of your dreams will still be in store. One last tip: always ask at the cash desk if the part is available in another store in town.

In short, patience is the mother of all virtues . I admit that I still have to repeat this positive thought often to myself because I tend to crack easily. But this little effort will go a long way to helping you balance your to take advantage of the sales


3) Check the small labels carefully

I talk to you about it regularly, nothing is more important than checking the quality of the garment you want . Materials are essential to your personal style. Quite simply because a quality garment will give you much more satisfaction: better cut, more comfortable to wear, more beautiful . So avoid 100% polyester and synthetic materials. Choose natural or slightly processed materials.

Priority to these :

  • The cotton
  • Wool (merino, mohair, alpaca, cashmere, velvet, etc.)
  • Flax
  • The silk
  • Viscose
  • Lyocell


  • 100% polyester
  • 100% acrylic
  • Polyamide
  • Elastane

You can also consider the pieces that hold a blend : polyester is not the archenemy. There are quality polyesters and if its percentage is not a majority, it is quite acceptable. It’s by testing brands that you will be able to form your own opinion.

Do not forget to look in which country the garment was designed. If possible, try to stay in Europe for ethical to take advantage of the sales

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4) When there is a doubt, there is no doubt!

The method of joy

This 4th tip is radical. In the detox dressing method , I tell you about the joy that a garment gives you. You can feel it fully if you are well prepared. In the dressing room, it’s the same principle. In front of your mirror, take the time to feel the effect that the garment you are trying on has on you . It’s pretty innate. There are parts that you reject directly and others that make you happy just as quickly. It’s our crush, your body speaks to you and tells you that this garment is made for you. This is the ideal scenario. In reality, it does not always happen that way. You hesitate, you don’t know what to do, you take it and you regret. You leave it and you come back.

I tend to say that when faced with these hesitations, follow this rule: when there is doubt, there is no doubt . Give up and move on, you will find better. I have often experienced this situation. I have always been much happier not to rush than the opposite (thanks to my man for teaching me not to succumb too quickly. And yes, you can take inspiration from masculine automatisms for your shopping!). Yes, there might be a little bout of crying one day, but that’s okay in the end, is it? And again, this will allow you to keep an airy wardrobe .People who read this article also read:   How to wear ankle boots properly?

The 5 keys to evaluating a garment

When you discover a garment, x-ray it with 5 keys . These will be all indications of the quality of the garment, in addition to the quality label:

  • Check the cut : is the fall straight? Is the garment well cut at the shoulders and sleeves?
  • Observe the finishes : are the interior and exterior finishes clean?
  • Touch the material : is it soft? Does it crease when you take the garment in your hand? Is it really opaque?
  • Test the seams : are the seams well finished, straight and even, without unsightly threads?
  • Admire the details : are the buttons, buttonholes, patterns, zippers correctly assembled to the garment?

how to take advantage of the sales


5) choose the right proportion of basics

Basics are timeless pieces that go with everything and form the base of your wardrobe. I suggest you read the article on the 7 ideal wardrobe basics to find out more . These pieces should make up 60 to 70% of your wardrobe . The rest is dedicated to strong pieces.

It is important to find your basics during the sales . These are high quality clothes, in a higher budget. You can therefore more easily buy them on sale so as not to explode your shopping budget. And what a pleasure to find them at reasonable prices. Be careful, of course I am not pushing you to consume, that on the contrary you will have understood to take advantage of the sales


6) Always choose the right size

It seems obvious, and yet … Remember. The piece of your dreams is no longer available in your size. A huge disappointment invades you. You moan . A slashed price will potentially make you want to buy a part you fall for in a size that isn’t yours. This is to compensate for your frustration. You tell yourself that you will lose 2-3 pounds or gain some. Above all, don’t make this mistake. Say no to too tight and oversize. The garment should fit you perfectly when you buy it . Otherwise it will stay in the back of your closet most of the time. It’s mathematical!how to take advantage of the sales

A tip: the ‘loose’ effect is stylish and very pretty when it is mastered and still adjusted to your figure.

7) dress for the occasion

How to dress well for the sales? For a shopping day during which you will undress a lot, get dressed and walk a lot, opt for a simple, practical, comfortable and efficient outfit . Especially in winter. A top, a mesh, jeans, sneakers or ankle boots with small heels, a jacket, a hat (for the rain instead of an umbrella), a light bag . That’s all to take advantage of the sales! Avoid too many layers, complicated belts, big bags packed, high heels in which your feet will hurt. You will feel light and good in your sneakers . You will avoid the discomfort and heat in the to take advantage of the sales

8) Be well prepared & efficient on the big day

A day of sales is getting ready. To do so, here are the points to anticipate .


When are the best times to go on sale? Avoid Saturdays and the first Sundays of the sales. These days are crowded. If the sales start on weekdays, plan to take time off and shop around that time instead . It is much more pleasant to wander at your ease when there are few people and the cabins are not crowded. You will be much more serene and efficient. You will also see more clearly in your purchases because you will take the time without rushing. From my experience, disembarking in the city in the morning around 10am is ideal . The shops barely open, the shelves are tidy, and there are fewer people. Above all, take the time to search and poke around to find the right parts.It’s a real treasure hunt .People who read this article also read:   What height of heels to choose to be comfortable?

A little tip to still find all sizes at advantageous prices: buy during the private sales that start before the sales. The prices are not clearly displayed, but you can already get some good deals.

The parking

You may travel more or less far to do your sales (for my part I live in Belgium, 30 km from Brussels and I particularly adore doing the sales in Lille and Antwerp . A moment with my man just to we). Find in advance the car park closest to the neighborhoods you prefer. You will save time the same day and you will avoid the nervousness to find a place. Write down the address and enter it in your GPS before leaving. Evaluate the journey time to and from there. If you travel by public transport, don’t worry about that! You have to plan a small parking budget (more or less depending on the city), but it is worth it. You will be sure to enjoy a real day of sales.

The lunchbreak

Take the time to take a break to eat and hydrate yourself. Your afternoon will only be better if you do the sales for a full day. Do not hesitate to move away a little from the main arteries and to discover small restaurants far away . Whether it’s a brasserie, a snack bar, a restaurant, indulge yourself and recharge your batteries.

The ultimate for a successful sale

If you can afford it, the best thing for me is to plan two days there and book a hotel room . Whether it is with your partner or a friend, nothing better than to stroll the first day, to spot, to benefit from your evening in town (aperitif, restaurant, room) and to start again the next day. This is the 2nd day that you will make the most purchases because you will have taken the time to apply the previous tips. You will be able to come back to the room that made you eye the day before. You will also have an extra day to find favorites!

And best of all, you will enjoy the hotel’s breakfast to start the day off right. Really, magic guaranteed ! You will have a nice memory of it. And what a pleasure to come home, to unpack your finds, keeping in mind the atmospheres of these two pleasant days because you will have done the sales in a relaxed and serene to take advantage of the sales

How to do the right sales no longer holds any secrets for you. Hope this little survival guide helps you. I really invite you to follow these 8 tips . Make your shopping day an enchanting break, not a frantic race . The sales must be two privileged and quality moments during the year. Take action now: do your detox dressing, your silhouette diagnosis, evaluate your basics. And create this list mindfully . You have all the tools on the blog to help you do this. As well as my personalized coaching service . Let’s go ! Tell me in the comments which will be your priority purchases this year. I am curious to know to take advantage of the sales

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And you, do you like to go on sale or not? Whatever your profile, these tips will help you have fun. Do not hesitate to leave me a comment at the bottom of the article, I love to read you and discuss with you.

See you soon for more Style tips!

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