Filling Pieces Low Curve Iceman Trimix 2.0 Sneakers

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The Filling Pieces shoes, according to David Prior, author of the movement club PRIOR, are “the most agreeable I’ve ever experienced and unbelievably tough.” The key to a good travelling shoe, he says, is the ability to quickly put it on and take it off, and for it to feel great when your feet expand while noticeable all around. After mentioning that his number one sets from Filling Pieces meet his models for comfort and solace, but at the same time look very classy with their pleasant shades and chunkier sole, Prior continues, “They should also be respectable enough when you’re getting off the plane and need to go straight into something.”

Altra Footwear Escalante Sneakers

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My job requires me to travel frequently, so I’m always on the lookout for comfortable, lightweight, and attractive footwear “Rei classifies and promotes footwear, says Kristin Finton. Altra’s adaptability and understated style appeal to her, and she notes that the shoes are perfect for a long day of strolling or a quick trip to a city destination. “They’re a great choice for REI clients,” Finton says. “Trail-commendable” Altra Lone Peak RSM tennis shoes are Matt Schonwald’s go-to travel shoes.

Salomon Sense Ride Sneakers

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Finton recommends the Salomon Sense Ride shoes if you’re planning a nature-friendly adventure. Because of their grip, she says she felt safe while climbing and running along a waterway trail in North Vancouver. “I was particularly charmingly shocked that the hold held over bigger wet rocks.” When she went to Runyon Canyon, she also wore a similar pair of shoes. She describes the trail as “super-hardpack, dry, sandy.” “I thought I was going to go down because everyone was slipping on the sand layer, but no — I felt safe and protected.”
“Nerd cool” looks of brilliant shading and fast bands are also a big hit with her.”

Swimrun FG Mesh Vivobarefoot Primus

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Granite and Light’s Josiah Q. Roe, who focuses on outside experiences and travel, loves Vivobarefoot’s lattice shoes for seashore experiences. He wore them while travelling to Roatán. ‘Climbing, swimming, and clambering over rocks and sharp coral: They squashed it and gauged almost nothing.’

Achilles Grained Leather Sneakers by Normal Projects

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The Achilles shoes from status brand Common Projects may cost as much as some boarding passes, but according to Flight 001 co-founder John Sencion, you won’t find a more upscale travel shoe (that is also comfortable) than these. According to Sencion, “this shoe has a wider range of style than any other shoe, from the jetway to the meeting room to the beach.”

The Royale

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Mike Arnot, the founder of luggage company Owen and Fred, recommends Greats for a more affordable travel shoe that looks just as good. A couple of pilots are dressed in dark Danskos, as well as vacationers in Crocs. “No. The answer is simply “no.” I have a few pairs of Greats “Several TSA agents have complimented Arnot on this in an airport, including some who are notoriously difficult to impress.

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