Different types of sandals for men

When It is the time for summer, you tend to give fully covered shoes a break and tend to opt for sandals which airy and ventilate the feet properly. Often in summers the feet are really sweaty and choosing sandals is the right choice. Finding the best sandal with great specifications and designs should be done with a lot of research.Sandals for men

Highest quality leather, great designs, soft footbeds are some of the qualities that make up for a good wearable sandal. Sandals in summer are really important as it gives comfort and as already the irritation in summers is more you don’t want to trouble your feet even more. Also wearing shoes means you have to waste your time in putting on and ten removing the shoes numerous times, this procedure can be eliminated when you replace shoes with sandals.

You need to find the best sandals to make your summer days better and to help you with it, I have provided with few of the options from which you can choose your type :

  1. Sports sandals

These are tough and are easy to identify, they may have single or multiple straps which are used to secure the feet tightly. The sandals are tough and can be used carelessly without the fear of damage. This hardcore material can be an asset during the summer’s scorching heat. As the sandal is breathable and the feet are exposed to external air, it provides good ventilation. These have sports in their name so definitely they can be used in outdoor activities as the sole is made with supportive design to handle the pressure exerted on it.

Sports sandals

  1. Wood sandals

They have been taken from eastern sandal designs popularly seen in Japan. These are modified flip flops whose sole is made of wood. These are very sturdy and long lasting footwear as it doesn’t get dismantled easily. The wooden finish does give some unique look to the footwear.

Wood sandals

  1. Flip flops

These are worn by the men’s summers as they are lightweight, easy to wear sandals. They are preferred when one is running quick errands or simply when on a holiday. As they do not interrupt by having to tie the laces or problems in putting and taking them down. The material is such that it gets dried really quickly when wet and increases the convenience to the user. The best part about them is they are available in various colours and are super affordable to common men.

Flip flops

  1. Slide sandals

        These are similar to flip flops but they are thicker comparatively and firm on the feet. These are open toed and even backless with no support to the ankle. But it gives enough protection and is wearable on a casual day. They are very much durable and lightweight. They are made by using leather or plastic. These are often known as sliders, as you can slide into it. History of sliders dates back to Rome and were initially found there.

  1. Crocs

These are favorite among men and I have seen many men flaunting them. Crocs are comfort wear which has perforations in the toe area which is called an air toe box and looks really funky. This is the reason it provides good breathability to the footwear. These are comfortable and are accepted willingly because they provide full coverage to the feet, which can be an additional benefit during the heat. Crocs are versatile and go around in any season including the rainy season. The material used in the making is EVA rubber which promotes the pliability and softness of the footwear which gives the user a soft sensation and added comfort level.

The polymer used is shiny and stress resistant because the final outcome of the product is smooth and beautiful.

Croc can be easily styled with the outfit, they are ranged in unlimited colour options and also designs to please the eyes.


  1. Espadrille loafer :

These are casual flats with cotton and fabric as the material of making. It is a comfy wear to the user due to it’s soft material used. The soles of these sandals are made of esparto rope which makes them sturdy and holds the grip firmly to the ground. Loafers being the comfort shoes and ease of wearing are preferred by many.

  1. Gladiator sandals

Gladiator footwear was popular among women and the modified version emerged for men in the 20t century. This one has limited straps as compared to the women’s footwear. These have straps which are attached with Velcro to adjust and secure the fit depending on one’s comfort. These sandals look pretty stylish and mainly due to the linen, leather or satin used in the make. They look cool with the denims and casual trousers.

Gladiator Sandals

  1. Fisherman sandal

It is casual sandal for men and sometimes worn by women too and are considered as unisex. These are embedded with back and center strap but the straps are non- adjustable and are present only for design sake. Whereas it has a Velcro loop. It was essentially worn by the fisherman in ancient times and that’s why they come in hardly few colours like grey, black and brown. However they can be styled well with shorts and jeans and these match the casual vibes.

Sandals are the best as it gives the legs the breathability they require and are quite fashionable. The design is really good and the experience of wearing the footwear is enhanced with sandals. The comfort level varies from the design you choose and they look remarkably fashionable. These are usually budget friendly and become the style statement of men’s street fashion. Fortunately are low maintenance and go with any outfit of your casual section in your wardrobe.

Opting for minimalist and eco-friendly options is the need of the hour and these types of trends will surely pop up in the near future. So I hope you have attained some information about men’s sandals. Thank you for reading.


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