Different type of heels

Different type of heels

As we all already know about heels and how much women like heels. Heels look great with almost any outfit, Indian or western. Nowadays, not only adult women but also adolescent girls adore them. The craze for heels is eternal and will not fade with the passage of time. Heels used to hurt and were a major cause of heel pain, ankle pain, and other issues in women, but as the quality of material used in them improved, these heels became more comfortable and easier to wear. Fantasy heels are different from normal heels. These heels provide a fairly tail glimpse and one can find these heels in most unique and different manners. These kinds of heels have way different shapes. Fantasy heels can be called as modified version of heels. Where normal heels are straight these heels have very different designs like:

A picture of normal heels

A picture of fancy heels

Fantasy heels can be found in so many colours like: glass, silver, golden, white, black, red, grey, pink, shiny colours and so many other such colours. these heels are expensive because of their uniqueness and very different designs. These heels are usually preferred by brides as their engagement ceremonies or by the bridesmaid because they provide a classy and royale look to the gown and prom dresses. These heels are very fascinating and royale in their styles. Also, one can look for these heels in movies like Cinderella, snow white and other such movies related to princesses.

Here are some of the differences between normal heels and fantasy heels:


1.   These heels are straight or in wedge or in cone designs and other designs.

1.   These heels can be worn with any outfit whether Indian, casual, formal, semi-formal and other outfits.



1.   These heels have some sort of designs on the heels. One can find these heels in design of a net as well.

2       these heels are usually worn with prom gowns, wedding dresses and other related outfits.

Fantasy heels

Fantasy heels have very different and unique styles that can be found in the market. Also, these heels are created as per the designs suggested and shown by the customers as well. Some of the designs found in fantasy heels are:

  1. Butterfly heels: these types of heels have butterflies attached to them on their heels or the heels are prepared in the shape of the butterfly. These look very royale and precious when worn. One can find these heels in colours and comfort as per their choices. Also, the toe strap of these heels have butterflies attached.

Butterfly heelsButterfly heels

  1. Glass heels: these heels are fully made of glass and look very royale with outfits like: dresses and gowns. These are made in such a manner that they are comfortable and provide ease in walking. They look like the heels of Cinderella. They are unbreakable as the glass contains a material that restricts them from breakage.

Glass heelsGlass heels

  1. Zero heel (high heels): these types of heels have heels are the toe part rather than the heels part of the foot. The heel part is upwards like there is heel but it has no heels. It looks like there are invisible heels. They are super unique and look amazing when worn.

Zero heelsZero heels

  1. Round heels: these heels are round shape and are not that high. They are comfortable and can be worn with any outfit.Round heelsRound heels
  1. Net shape heels: these heels are in the shape of net type thing and look super cool and unique. They are comfortable and protects ankle.


Net shape heels

  1. Octopus heels: these heels are specially designed for models and can’t be worn by people who have heel pain or ankle pain. These heels have a shape of octopus legs.

Octopus Heels

  1. Other crazy heels: these heels are super crazy, unique and amazing in their own ways these are usually worn by models and actresses while modelling.

Fantasy heelsFantasy heelsFantasy heels

As the deigns says these heels are expensive and are designed by professionals and passed to launch in the market after doing various test. Many brands like Versace, and other big brands design these heels. It is advisable that these heels should not be worn by people who have:

  1. Problem of foot pain
  2. Ankle pain
  3. Seed corn
  4. And other such issues

 After looking at the designs, height, and other things related to fantasy heels. One should always consider the following precautions before they buy these heels because it might become dangerous if one would buy wrong size or design. Some of the factors to consider are:

  1. Brand: this is the most important factor as we all know branded things are much better than unbranded and lasts longer. Also branded heels will be more comfortable to wear as good brands use high quality material that helps to keep the foot safe. You need to find a good brand for yourself it could be any brand Versace, louis Vuitton, Dior etc.
  2. Size: wearing the correct size pair of heels makes walking more comfortable and keeps the foot safe and prevents shoe bite.as wrong size would lead to severe foot pain and many other issues related to foot.
  3. Comfortability: this is the third most important factor to be considered before buying heels as just looking at the heels you can’t tell if they are comfortable or not you need to try them first and then consider the perfect pair, because some heels might look good but they are not comfortable enough to wear.
  4. Height of heels: this is also one of the important factors to consider before buying heels as for daily use you might need a shorter heel and for an occasion you might need a bigger heel.

These are some of the important factors to consider before buying these heels. Also, it is advised that only people who are expert in walking with heels should wear these heels to avoid foot issues. One should also be cautious and take precautions while walking in them.

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