Different Slippers to try Now

Slippers are the cozy footwear which you wear at home, these are slip-ons and can just slide into them, And Also there are different slippers available in the market. They are lightweight and suitable for wearing at home. You generally don’t need to wear footwear inside but some people like their feet to feel soft and walking on a rose bed then why not wear slippers indoors.

Different Slippers

Slippers were seen from the 13th century, first in Vietnam and later were spotted in the Chinese courts. Earlier the slippers were quite royal and heavy in nature as it depicted pride and the rich side, whereas less wealthy people were not able to afford footwear inside. These were decorated with different items like beads, embellishments and some women who would do embroidery would use their creative side in decorating the footwear. They were made by hand until the footwear industry boomed and now they are produced in mass and are available all over the place.

There are various well known types of different slippers namely : open- heel slippers, closed slippers, slipper boots, sandal slippers, evening slippers, clog slippers, scuff slippers, moccasins, slipper socks.

Open heel slippers as the name indicates are free from the heel coverage and are made up of fabric and the upper is fully embedded with that. They allow the breathability of the feet and that’s how you want the footwear to be indoors, it shouldn’t feel as if you have something on.

Closed slippers : these are completely opposite of the above type and here the heel part is covered completely. This basically helps the feet from falling out and maintains the grip. It’s better especially for kids who are likely to forget their shoes. These slippers are commonly seen everywhere.

Pink slippers

Evening slippers which are also called by the name albert slipper, which is made of velvet material and leather soles.

Slipper boots : usually made of fur or very soft cottony material, these are meant for winters when you need that extra warmth for your feet. They will take care of your feet perfectly.

Sandal slippers : it is quite confusing from the term, but these are sturdy sandals with fabric and rubber soles. Good for a short walk or visit to their neighbour’s place.

Clog slippers : Modified version of clog shoes which have holes to the part above the toes, here the heel covering is missing along with the holes, the rest of the look of the footwear is the same and the curved shape of this footwear makes it unique and comfortable.

Scuff slippers : these one’s have good soles to get the grip and the footbed is covered with fur, which upgrades the look as well as the comfort. They are often made from plastic , leather and fabrics and look really cute.

Scuff Slippers for women

Moccasins are also casual wear which is now even worn indoors and these are available in materials like leather, suede, flannel etc. they occur in two types, lined and unlined. They have a variety of colours and designs and look amazing with pyjama pants and night suits.

Bootie slippers:  these are cute slippers which look like ankle length boots, they give coverage of full feet and are really warm and if an anti slip bootie slipper is bought it can be worn with track pants or yoga pants. These ones are very comfortable to wear and also come in different designs like lined with fur or attachment of pom poms and other embellishments like bow.

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Slipper socks : these are not the normal kind of socks but they have nodes at the bottom which have the anti- slipping property and do the job of slippers quite efficiently. They are not meant for wearing along with the shoes and the fabric wouldn’t touch the ground due to the rubber lining present. They are very thin and perfect wear for inside the house.

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These slippers are beautifully paired with simple pajamas with cute looking designs and also with night shorts. The footwear is already cozy and pretty which looks good with any kind of home wear. They are often paired with night suits.

Why do we need slippers?

During winter the ground becomes really cold and some people do not have the habit of walking bare feet it’s a great option for them to move around in slippers. Incase of areas where the occurrence of dust is a lot and the legs get dirty easily, this is a valid reason to keep your feet clean. Of Course third reason is to protect the outer part of the feet from any blunt object, rocks or other materials. Final reason would be to feel the comfort of the different slippers at home, they are soft to touch and make you feel cozy and warm.

The designs and colors are so cute such that it is hard to resist and you are most likely to buy them. And also because of variety of different slippers one is most likely to get one.

Sandal slippers and bootie slippers are the different slippers types which you can even wear outdoors for short distances and they have good sole which won’t worn out easily. You can visit the nearby market or for yoga they are just perfect. Not too costly, they fit everyone’s  budget conveniently. The colors like pink, orange and yellow shades are subtle colors and go well with outfits nicely.

The cold tends to transfer from the feet and such people who contract cold and flu easily should actually try wearing slippers at home and such incidences might decrease in future. They also protect from fungi and bacterial which occurs from the foot. Due to the slippers the toes do not get exposed to the soil and can play a role in preventing certain types of infections.

Some say wearing of slippers and other footwear inside the homes is not a good idea and the feet gets really sensitive, this might be true in some cases but not always. Of Course taking proper care of your feet is necessary too and one cannot put the blame only on the slippers. Thank you for reading the article and you can choose your favorite slipper from the Different slippers available. To buy some cozy pair click here.

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