Dancing shoes

Dance has become a major career and passion for so many people now. As, one can find a good dancer in almost every house. As the career for dancing started expanding different – different shoes started coming in the market for different dances because normal shoes weren’t enough and suitable for dancing. Therefore, after looking at the requirement manufacturers started creating shoes that were suitable and comfortable for dancing. And now different dance forms like jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet, tap, athletic and other such dance forms have different shoes. These shoes are designed in such a manner that it makes easy for every dancer to make their moves and dance easily. They are super comfortable and flexible. They provide support to the foot and the grip is strong. They are available for both men and women.

Dancing shoes Dancing shoes

Dancing shoes can be found in all colours like:

  1. Black
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Red
  5. Yellow
  6. White

And many other colors as per the choice and preference of the customer.

Dancing shoes                                 

Features of dancing shoes that one should always look for are:

  1. Flexibility: dancing shoes should always be flexible so that it becomes easy for people to dance. And they should also support moves like: moon walk, skids, and other such things. They should be easily foldable from the toe part.
  2. Fitting: dancing shoes should have the right fitting so that they don’t come out of the foot while dancing and they should not be so small that it becomes difficult for the dancer to dance. They should posses a good breathing space for the foot. Also, they should protect the feet from any minor injury.
  3. Right type: one should always take care for the right type of shoes and for what purpose they are looking for whether they are for ballet dance, hip-hop or jazz and other dancing forms because choosing the wrong pair can create problem for the dancer and can cause foot injury.
  4. Heels: yes, dancing shoes have heels as some dance like salsa, stiletto dance and other such dancing forms require heels. So choosing the right size of heels is important to avoid any major or minor injury.
  5. Dancing shoes should be light weight, breathable, should support the foot, should have good cushioning and stability to avoid injuries or any other major problems.

Some of the types of dancing shoes that dancers can look for are as follows:

  • Jazz dancing shoes: these are fitted, slip-on footwears so that it makes dancing easy. These can be found with and without laces as per the choice of customers. They are comfortable and provide stability. They are super flexible. They are available in all sizes and for both men and women.Dancing shoes


  • Tap dance shoes: these shoes are specially designed for tap dance and their outer sole is prepared of a material that helps in making tapping sound. They are comfortable and are stable. They provide support to the foot. They are available in all sizes and for both men and women.Dancing shoes


  • Ballet dance shoes: these shoes are super flat shoes and look like long socks. They are flexible and are specially designed for ballet. They help in supporting the toes. They have a thick sole at the heel part. They are available in all sizes and for both men and women.Dancing shoes


  • Foot thongs dance shoes: these dancing shoes covers half toe and are slip-ons. These foot thong shoes are usually preferred by contemporary or Indian dancers as their major performance is done on the toes. They are available in all sizes and for both men and women.

Dancing shoes

  • Athletic dance shoes: these shoes are generally preferred by Zumba instructors, hip-hop dancers and other such dancers so that they support the foot and helps in avoiding injuries. They are usually referred as dancing sneakers. They are available in all sizes and for both men and women.Dancing shoes


  • Flamenco dance shoes: these dancing shoes have heels and are made from a flexible material. They are closed from the toe part and have a strap running at the top to support the ankle. They are available in all sizes and for both men and women

Dancing shoes Dancing shoes.

These were some of the dancing shoes that dancers can look for in the market place and they are available in all sizes. These shoes are not much expensive but the price also depends upon factors such as:

  1. Brand
  2. Cost of production
  3. Material used
  4. Shoe type and other such factors

Dancers should always look for the right pair for themselves to avoid injuries because this is a field in which if right pair of shoes is not selected then it could become a cause of concern and can affect their life because they have to do so many spins, skids, twirls and other dance moves. So, to protect their foot from injury or any other problem and to provide ease in dancing they should always try their shoes and then buy. Dancers should select the right size so that it doesn’t affect their performance and provide ease in moving. Also, they should consider the right brand shoes so that because of buying cheaper shoes it doesn’t create a problem for them and buying wrong material shoes could be dangerous. Dancers should also check the comfortability of the shoes before buying because if the shoes would be comfortable, they will help in dancing more nicely. The shoes should match their dress code because that is very important for making a good impression. Also, choosing the right colour of the shoes is also very important. Shoes should be super flexible and supportive for the foot.

Dancing shoes Dancing shoes

Some good brands that provide best dancing shoes are:

  1. Bloch
  2. Capezio
  3. American classic
  4. Paoul

And other brands that provide good dancing shoes. Dancing shoes can be easily found in the market and at a reasonable rate. Also, these shoes are waterproof. It is advisable to wear socks with the shoes so that they are fully protected

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