Loafers are a type of slip-on shoes that don’t have laces and can be worn easily. They are made from different-different materials like leather, cloth, rubber, etc. they usually look like casual footwear and can be worn with jeans or pajamas. The craze for loafers has recently can into the market as they are comfortable to wear, less time-consuming as they don’t have laces, and goes with every outfit.

They don’t have heels and are flat from the bottom. These are available for both men and women. They took over the market because of their comfort-ness and cushiony sole. They have very different and unique styles and are easily available everywhere and in all sizes. They have a replaceable sole that means if the sole gets damage, you can easily change the sole without changing themselves.


Loafers are available in all colors like pink, red, black, green, blue, grey, and many more colors. They are made from different-different materials so that customers can buy the perfect pair of their choice. They have unique and different styles. Also, the styles depend upon the gender as they are different for men and women in styles and colors. They are available for both formal and informal uses.


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Since they are comfortable and easy to wear men are switching from shoes to loafers. There are many types of loafers available for men in the market:

Penny loafers:

These types of loafers are comfortable and have a classic look. They can be found in casual and semi-casual looks as per preference. They usually come in dark colors like black, brown, espresso, and other such colors. They have a horizontal strap at the top and can be used as daily wear. Since they are made of a specific material they should not be worn in the rainy season as they might get damaged. They are mostly preferred in the summer or autumn seasons. 

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Horse-bit loafers:

These are casual and semi-formal and can be worn with workwear or suits. They have a fine buckle strap at the top that gives them a professional look. 

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These  are semi-formal or formal wear and are usually worn with formal suits or blazers. They have a tassel fixed at the top with a horizontal strap and are usually worn in summers. 

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Driving loafers:

These will give a casual look and are worn with t-shirts and jeans or beachwear. They have a relaxing and comfortable sole. They are perfect for vacations.

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These were some of the most preferred loafers by men and are in high demand as they are comfortable and gives a royal look to the personality.


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These are not just for men but are available for women as well and due to their comfortability, they are in high demand for women too. Some common types of loafers in women are:

Heeled loafers:

Since women are found of heels, so keeping that in mind creators created loafers with heels that can be worn by women at work so that their feet remain pain-free and they can easily remove them when tired. The heel is not too high and is comfortable.

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Smooth loafers:

These are just like slip-on ballies and don’t have any horizontal strap at the top. They go well with dresses and casual wear. 

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Ankle chain loafers:

These  don’t have a horizontal strap at the top rather they have a chain at the ankle that gives it a classy and perfect look. 

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Square loafers:

These loafers have a square toe with a very little heel at the back giving them a great look for any party. They are great when worn with skirts or shorts. 

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Tassel loafers:

These somewhat look like those of men but they are boat-shaped from the toe. They have good breathing space and have different colors.

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Shearling lined:

These are usually preferred by old women as they are comfortable and go well on their feet. They have a different sole that is usually suggested by the doctors to wear for foot pain or any other problem related to the foot.

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These were some of the common loafers that are in high demand and are super comfortable and easy to wear. They can be worn in the summer, autumn, and spring season as they are made from a material that is not good in rainy seasons. Since they are open from the ankle side it is not advisable to wear loafers in winters as they will not be able to control the cold. Also, as they are ankle exposed it is preferred to wear invisible socks with them that were specifically designed for such types of shoes so that the socks are not visible. 

As they have a grip made of a rubbery material so they are slip-proof and do not make you fall because of water or on slippery floors. They are designed by professionals by keeping in mind the comfort-ness and other things. They are not much expensive. But mostly the cost depends upon the making and material used. If the material used is of high quality it might come expensive also it depends upon the brand as different brands have different prices.

As loafers are slip-one you should always keep some important factors in mind before buying them. They don’t work in every season rather they are usually preferred in summers so that they can absorb the sweat from the feet and don’t make it slippery inside. You should buy it from a trusted brand because they might get damaged easily if you buy them from local brands and your money would be wasted. You should always choose the correct size to avoid issues like shoe bite or seed corn. 

These are a type of shoes that provide a very different and royal look to the feet’s and they can be matched with every dress you wear whether formal, casual, beachwear or Indian. 

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