Men’s shoe trends for winter 2019-2020

Winter Shoes for Men: If all you can find in your closet is a pair of sneakers and a pair of dress shoes, it’s time to fix that. the ultimate accessories, both masculine and feminine, to take a look from mundane to ultra trendy. What will your favorite pairs of shoes be this winter?

Men’s leather boots

Uncmart opened the ball with his impeccable look at the  Film Festival . The Franco-American actor, a prodigy of cinema but also of fashion, appeared in an ultra modern light gray  and on the feet, a pair of rock boots that contrasted perfectly with his androgynous silhouette. This winter, we follow the wise advice of the stylists of Timothée Chalamet by opting for rather imposing to wear with jeans or, like the actor, a casual suit.

Winter boots for men

Patent shoes

Patent shoes are finding their place in the everyday men’s business wardrobe . With the return in style of men’s suits, it was only natural that the trend came with patent shoes for men . Oxford shoes , derbiesdouble buckles. .. They are not as old-fashioned as a few seasons ago when they were dethroned by basketball.

pjimage 1 You Need Comfort in Footwear

Neon sneakers

Uncmart  is not about to be stifled. Again this winter, you can keep your fluorescent shoes worn all summer or invest in a new pair. All brands now offer a model of make your eyes squint. To wear without moderation !

pjimage 2 You Need Comfort in Footwear


With the return of the patent shoe , took the opportunity to impose themselves in the men’s wardrobe of the fall . These traditional slippers are a classic in men’s fashion .

Winter boots for men

 Easy to wear, they go as well with  for an irresistible Chuck Bass look as with a more casual outfit for your weekend looks.

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