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Buying Shoes For Kids

You have seen kids with extra cute footwear and then your kids to demand the same but you don’t know which one is the best for your kid, then you are at the right place. We have discussed various types of footwear available for your kid and also essentials to consider before getting your hands on the shoes !! Go for it!

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Shoes for kids must have some important characteristics like comfort level and funky-looking designs. Talking about the comfort level, a perfect fit is of utmost importance as a kid’s skin is more delicate than adults. There is a higher chance of rashes and discomfort so choosing shoes of good quality and material is essential for the soft feel.

In spite of these points, kids often demand fashionable footwear to their collection, be it from designer colored shoes or some having led lights, options are numerous.

Shoes for boys

These include a lot of categories like casuals, sports, sandals, flip flops, and school shoes. Casuals include sneakers and slip on.

You Need Comfort in Footwear

In sandals you have Velcro sandals which have synthetic upper with Velcro closure and cushioned footbed, upper material is synthetic. Lastly the sole is made of phylon which provides the shock absorption.

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Next ones are clogs, let us look at clogs in brief. Clogs are the shoes which have tiny openings from the top and the toe of the shoe is slightly rounded. They are made of different materials like wooden, suede, leather etc. They are slip resistant and come under the category of outdoor wear. They are especially good for kids as they run in mud and dirt. That is an additional quality they possess which comes in handy that they are slip resistant. They are easy to clean, that’s why you need not worry about removing the dirt from the shoes.

Sliders or flip flops are easy to wear and come in different designs. Preferably designed for kids above 2.5 years of age. As these shoes do not have any protection from the backside and there is a chance of the sliders slipping off from their feet as they do not know how to control the grip making this only disadvantage.

Sports shoes for kids are no different than adult shoes, the only thing is the size of them varies. They have serrated sole for better grip. Sports shoes for kids are available in different designs and a lot of colours so kids are easily attracted to them.

Sketchers are a great option during their playtime and activities like running, it has cushioning midsole and breathable mesh upper. Synthetic overlays are present for extra support.

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Shoes for girls

These are available in different categories like flats, casual shoes, espadrilles, slip ons etc.

In the heels category obviously the height of the heel is less, they are present in different variations and are often recognized by names like block heels, stilettos etc which should be used by girls of 9 years and above for safety reasons. These shoes have specifications like textured and patterned outsole, backstrap detailing, open toe sandals and cushioned footbed.

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Pumps for girls have a height of around 1.5 inches and they look great and appealing. They have striped heels and are made of synthetic upper, comfortable heels and great designs.

Boots also look super cute and fancy, which come with solid colours and furry boots for winter look pretty on those tiny feet. Additional advantage is that they provide full coverage to the feet.

Light up shoes for both boys and girls are liked by the kids and even the parents very much. These have a led and the material may be of rubber which is attractive to kids and also promotes walking.

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Tie and dye shoes are also famous these days because of their pop of colours infused together and they really look adorable.

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Chuchu shoes which make a sound when walking are loved by all the kids of less than 1 year olds, these are made of durable fabric. Parents also like them because it’s easy to locate their kids. They are very comfortable and easy to wear.

How to choose the perfect footwear for your kids?

  1. Material: look for material which is inert and is not harsh to the skin. The material should be breathable and insoles should be properly checked incase of infants.
  2. Shoe size: this category is always to look for all the age groups, especially for kids they should be asked to walk around in the shoes and parent should look for the red alerts like discomfort, if the shoe is too tight or too loose etc as kids are not able to judge and cannot decide for themselves as they go crazy looking at the fancy designs and colours.

3. We often take footwear lightly and forget some problems it can cause in future like posture problems and upright walking that is buying appropriately is necessary.

4. Shoes for kids of age 1-3 years should have cotton padding or fabric at the footbed. Avoiding sandals, wedges or any shoes with heels is advisable. Flat shoes of any kind should be preferred.

5. Durability of the footwear is must as kids don’t handle the shoes well. They should be water resistant so they can be maintained for a long time.

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For kids of 3 months- 12 months soft sole shoes should be worn. Sneakers and moccasins are believed to be the best for infants as they are firm in structure and kids almost feel the same touch as that of the ground. Also they are light in weight. These small babies can wear a bootee which is a short sock used for warmth and protection till they are old enough to walk on their own or by holding hands.

Buy shoes for cute kids that are affordable and which provide the best comfort to their feet by keeping the fashion and looks as the secondary option. With these points in mind I hope you liked reading this article. Happy shopping!

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