Bollywood Inspired Shoes

Bollywood and Indians are inseparable and the people do get inspired from the style statements given out by the Bollywood actors in the movies as well as in their personal life. The shoes they wear are also part of the Bollywood gossip that people indulge in.

Some of the characters played by the actors leave a long lasting impression in the minds and hearts of the people. With the characteristics of the character, they also remember the whole look and then start imitating it. From the outfits to the shoes everything is followed by the fans. So firstly let’s look at some of the famous footwear from the Bollywood movies.

  1. The famous song ‘Dhal gaya din’ from the movie Humjoli and jeetendra’s iconic clothes and the white shoes are hard to forget. Sporting the all white look back in the end was courageous and the white shoe trend had picked up long ago. Many had copied this style and were comfortable in the white shoes.Shoes from bollywood
  2. Bollywood has played around with the shoes in the movie kabhi khushi kabhi gham, one of the best dharma movies where the iconic character ‘poo’ played by kareena Kapoor had worn two different red heels, stiletto and a block heel. The red bright footwear with shimmery red dress is what Kareena Kapoor khan gorgeously flaunts. This had inspired millions of girls to hop onto the block heels definitely in colour red. The colour actually steals the show till now and looks great with a bold black dress.
  3. Yellow boots from the movie ‘that girl in yellow boots’ played by kalki koechelin. The high ankle length yellow boots with black border and black laces make up for a great colour combination and is enough to drag the attention to you. Not so sure about the movie but the boots did fare well when the movie was out and the yellow slightly heeled shoes deserve much appreciation.Shoes from bollywood
  4. In Hum aapke hain kaun, an entire song revolves around the shoe stealing ceremony putting much emphasis on the traditional shoes of India which are worn during the weddings. The gold mojari spotted in the movie had become world famous and are still a prefered choice for the groom as they look really authentic and sets the traditional wedding look.
  5. Veronica from the movie cocktail had it all, from the concert ready outfit to the best in the business glitter wedges which were love at first sight for all the teenage girls. This look was replicated by many till a certain point of time.Shoes from bollywood

This was all about the reel life shoe choices by the Bollywood heartthrobs but everyone is curious about what they wear in their real life. Often more than their movie styles, their airport look is awaited them and after intense research people do find the perfect match of the footwear they are flaunting.

  1. Alia bhatt made an electrifying entry in her high on shiny gladiator like footwear which seemed to have metallic finish. The one shoe’s where It’s difficult to take the eyes off and no way they remain unspotted.Alia bhatt Gladiators
  2. If I tell you to wear rainbow pumps on a sunny day you might agitate at me but when Priyanka Chopra made this style statement in her rainbow pumps we were all eyes. They can be a very dicey decision but you have to wear them confidently.
  3. Pointy toe gold pumps are the favorites of deepika padukone and she isn’t afraid to repeat them more than once. They actually are hard to miss out with its golden strap securing the ankle and looks really on point. The heels are not very high and can be a good option for a regular person to try them out.Deepika Padukone heels
  4. All the newbies like Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara ali khan have been often seen in amazing sneakers and everyone has been making public appearances in them, the comfort is unbeatable and sneakers on all costumes is the go to moto for people these days which is great as they really fit all types of clothes. Bollywood is a big time sneakerhead as several actors like ayushman khurana, rajkumar rao and shahid Kapoor own the most popular sneakers and have paid a hefty amount to get them which clearly indicates their love.Bollywood shoes
  5. Anushka sharma was often spotted by paparazzi showcasing her airport look in ethic attire, with kurta she has worn really elegant ballets which compliment the look.
  6. Shah rukh khan loves the oversized chunky shoes and has one pair in each colour.
  7. You must be already aware that now Hritik Roshan himself owns a  brand called HRX where he has united fitness and his proclivity for shoes by establishing this brand. They have a wide range of collections from athlete shoes, sneakers, slip-ons and so on.

Hrx shoes

As these are well established movie celebrities and in other words also called as the influencers who do leave their impression on people and influence them to make their fashion choices accordingly. The fans get inspired and get their hands on the material they are wearing if it fits their budget or definitely try to find the first copy if they are a die-hard fan. If not the exact same they might surely find a shoe in the similar design. Male actors most of the time love to wear sneakers and there are numerous brands to search from. They love to buy from international brands as well. You can shop from the affordable brands which are easily accessible to the common man.

Actors also love to experiment and try on some unique styles with their footwear but we will save that for another day. People are always curious about every little detail about the celebs and what true fans are all about. Here we have summarized about the shoe habits of some of the stars and the personal and public appearances. I hope you have liked this article. Thank you for reading.


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