Wedges are perfect for any season and the people who are not comfortable with high heels can switch on to these wedges which have a wider heel and look fashionable and give you a raise in height.
Wedges are platform heels and the heel is wider as compared to the other high heels. They are also known as Wedgies, wedge boots, or lefties. This design was first introduced in Greece and was quickly picked up by the Italians and the shoe became popular. Men can also wear wedges, their shoes have a slightly lower heel.

Brown wedges for women
Wedges are known to be in existence since the 1930s and Italian designer Salvadore Ferragamo is known as the creator. They have been in the trend but with a fluctuating graph just like the stock market, with every new trend the wedges touched a new high. Wedge sneakers were an innovative idea which first appeared in the 1990s and became popular. Straps and ankle were launched late like in 2006 and as I said these keep changing with new trends.
The sole and the heel both are made up of rubber, the heel is generally made thicker and light in weight due to the material used.
Wedges get different names depending on the design and style, these are

1. Platform wedge heel shoes 2. Ankle strap wedges 3. Peep toe shoes 4. Lace wedges 5. Ankle boots for men 6. Zip booties type wedges 7. Sneaker wedges 8. Preppy style wedges 9. Front zip wedges 10. Backless wedges 11.Contrast wedges
1. Platform wedge
These shoes look amazing. They are made of fiber and are light in weight. They go well with any outfit. The toe and the heel part are leveled and it gives sturdiness to the footwear.
Black wedges for women
2. Ankle strap wedges
This type of wedge has an adjustable strap that holds on the feet tightly and acts as an element of fashion as well. They are available in leather material which imparts a formal appeal to the shoe.

3. Peep-toe wedges
Similar to ballet design, must have inspired it from there, it has a peep toe which gives a glamorous look to the shoe and is quite versatile as footwear.

4. Lace wedges
The front part of the shoe is covered with lace material which gives the wedges an aesthetic vibe and it can be matched with your favorite pair of jeans and a tee to keep the look casual.
wedges for women
5. Zip booties wedge shoes:
What is better than culmination boots and wedges in one footwear? These look classy and are one of my favorites! These got a heel and also full coverage like the boots. These contain a zip that provides a stylish quotient. These shoes would look great with solids like black and white. They can be worn with long dresses and skirts.

6. Sneaker wedges
A cool combo of sneakers and wedges which give you the desired heel and funky look to your shoes. This is a well-balanced shoe and depicts a sporty look. These will look stylish with a t-shirt dress and jacket. These wedges can be an upgraded version of normal sneakers.

7. Preppy style wedges
Thin ankle straps and bold colors make this preppy style wedges the wanna-be’s of the lot. These are elegant and so stylish.

8. Front zip wedges
These wedges are revolutionary and have a zip in front. Perfect for the party season, they can be styled with different clothing and have much to be discovered.

9. Backless wedges
These wedges do not contain any straps at the back and are naked from behind, these can be one of the casual wears and are comfortable with breathability to the ankle.

wedges sandals
10. Contrast wedges
These wedges give you a dual-tone of colors and create a contrast hence the name. These are ideal for office wear or an evening coffee.

11. Broad strap wedges
These wedges have 2 straps and do not cover the feet as a whole and these are simple and perfect for a subtle look. They go well with western or ethnic attire.

12. Ankle boots for men
This footwear resembles shoes with laces but has a thick heel which is the reason they are counted as wedges. They can be made of leather and a rubber sole, the luster of the leather gives it a semi-formal look and is great for any occasion.

13. Winter wedges for men
These are wedges with buckle straps and look super cute with a velvety material.
tommy hilfiger wedges
Advantages of wedges
Wedges most importantly give better support to the legs as they have much wider heels and with the benefit of making the legs look longer they are very comfortable to wear.
These shoes maintain the body posture and reduce the chances of falling which in the case of stilettos and other thin heels can’t be predicted.
These are a helping hand to the people who have recently started wearing high heels and can get used to them first before switching on to other complex footwear.

They don’t compromise on the style and fashion trends, designers come up with different designs now and then. Another benefit is that they can be customized with any material of choice and are quite flexible and mold into any material. The stability provided by the shoes makes them one of the favorites. I would not mind piling them up in my wardrobe.

Wedges are a great option to wear when you want to look a few inches taller for both men and women. These have various designs and styles for everyone and are fabulous to pair your outfits with. Having multiple options in terms of material is also a great reason for you to get your hands on these. Men also have quite good styles for wedges.

These are super versatile and trendy. In the future too, wedges might get changed to new designs and they don’t go out of style soon. I think more shoes in the men’s section will be coming up real soon. So I hope you got all the necessary information under the wedges and you have liked the article, thank you for reading.

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