Sustainable eco sneakers: 7 of the best labels Sneakers

Sustainable eco sneakers: 7 of the best labels Sneakers are among the hottest trend shoes ever. They are comfortable all-rounders and make it sustainable and pollutant-free without losing style. More and more sneakers are made from socially responsible, environmentally friendly and harmless materials. So that we can ultimately wear sustainable eco-shoes, many factors are decisive and the focus varies from provider to provider. We took a look around and introduce you to cool labels that make stylish and sustainable eco-sneakers

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Nothing NEW – the Norwegian label manufactures sustainable sneakers made from 100% recycled plastic. In terms of sustainability, the design is simple and timeless. And the great thing is that once the sneakers are worn, they are recycled by Nothing NEW and you receive a cash bonus when you buy new sneakers.

VEJA sneakers are currently among the hottest eco-sneakers and not only because numerous celebrities with Veja’s on their feet have been spotted. The French label’s secret of success is style and transparency. Veja relies on sustainable and transparent processes in production. Only high-quality materials such as ecologically tanned and vegetable-dyed leather, natural rubber, organic cotton and recycled plastics are used. Production takes place in Brazil. During the manufacturing process, Veja pays attention to fair working conditions and fair prices. The range includes chrome-free leather sneakers, canvas and VEGAN sneakers for women and men.

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Nae-Vegan Shoes – The Portuguese label’s shoes and sneakers are 100% vegan and sustainable. They are made from cork, pineapple leaf and microfiber, and recycled plastic bottles. They are made in Portugal. All models are certified with the PETA-APPROVED VEGAN label. Women’s and men’s shoes, boots and sneakers are on offer.

Hess Natur The German eco-company counteracts short-lived fashion trends with its philosophy and was named the most sustainable fashion brand in 2019. Fashion and shoes are produced according to strict guidelines “In harmony with people, animals and the environment”. The range is extensive and includes fashion and shoes for the whole family.

ethletik sneakers are made from renewable natural rubber and certified organic cotton. From raw material extraction to production, emphasis is placed on ecologically and socially responsible action. Ethletic sneakers bear the FAiRTRADE seal and the FSC (Fores Stewardship Council) control system guarantees ecological sustainability in rubber production.

natural WORLD specializes in producing organic shoes that are produced in an ecologically and socially responsible manner, that are healthy for the feet, trendy and affordable for everyone. From the sole to the laces, all shoes are produced in Spain. Only environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials are used for this. The range includes shoes for the whole family from organic leather to vegan.

FLAMINGOS`Life The Spanish manufacturer produces vegan sneakers for women and men from innovative materials. In addition to organic cotton, maize waste, bamboo, hemp and recycled materials are used. All sneakers are certified with “PETA-Approved Vegan” and are made in Spain.

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