Nike Go FlyEasy and Doraemon x Gucci are fashion trends of 2021

Nike Go FlyEasy: Put on sneakers without hands
Nike is bringing the first shoe onto the market that can be put on and taken off completely without hands.
The “hands-free shoe” revolutionizes putting on and taking off shoes in an unprecedented way. For this purpose, Nike uses the innovative FlyEase technology for sports shoes and sneakers. For everyday use, the Go FlyEase in pastel and black should inspire sneaker fans.
The “tensioner” ensures that the shoe is safe when it is open and closed when slipping in and out. Nike explains exactly how FlyEase technology works on its website.
According to the company, the Nike GO FlyEase is currently only available to selected “Nike members”. The official sale will follow in the course of 2021.

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Gucci Chinese New Year Collection
The Chinese New Year festival begins on February 12th and heralds the year of the ox. To mark the occasion, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele created a collection with a Japanese manga style – Doraemon x Gucci.

Whether shoes, accessories or clothing – in the latest Gucci-Doraemon collection, a little blue robot cat shines happily into the world. Doraemon, the main character in the series of the same name, knows every child in Asia.

It was from the XXII. Sent in the 18th century to help a little boy named Nobita Nobi with secret gadgets from his four-dimensional pouch. Now she performs over the Gucci GG motif to turn everyday activities into joyful adventures.

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