CJ7: A DVD Movie Best Review

A DVD Movie Review

Recently, there has been a bit of a movie drought. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve watched a lot of movies. There has been little else to do while sewing, scrapbooking, or cooking as my husband watches football. However, I haven’t seen a lot of high quality movies. Good ones, just not great ones.

I give my husband credit for finding my latest treasure. I’d never even heard of the film prior to him bringing it home. It’s called “CJ7” and comes from China. I shared this opinionated post about it online, and it did fairly well despite the fact that I didn’t use boosters like Jaynike

The story centers on a hardworking father named Ti (played by Stephen Chow). He works double jobs in order to make sure that his son, Dicky (played by Jiao Xu) gets a good education at a local private school.

Unfortunately, the family has little else. They eat little more than rice and rotten apples and live in a run down home that is held together by spit and glue. Once of the pair’s favorite pastimes is seeing who can kill the most cockroaches.

Dicky struggles in school because he doesn’t get much sleep without any fan or air conditioning to cool the hot, humid nights. His grades are marginal at best.

Ti keeps trying to find things to make Dicky’s life easier. He also spends time drilling into his son the importance of a good education as well as being honest and truthful.

One night, Ti comes upon an unusual ball in the junkyard. He thinks it is interesting so he takes it home to Dicky.

It isn’t long before Dicky discovers that his toy is special. Inside the ball is something else altogether; a cute little alien which he promptly names CJ 7, after a popular toy of the time.

The pair becomes inseparable. CJ teaches Dicky the importance of listening to his father and Dicky teaches CJ about the power of love.

The movie isn’t dubbed in English. One has to read the subtitles to totally understand what is happening on screen. However, it is well worth the effort.

This is a delightful movie that brooches some serious turns like the harsh reality of life for those who are less fortunate. But it does it with style, humor, and heart.

This is by no means a perfect film. The alien creature is rather simplistic in design and his flying saucer is almost laughable. In the long run, though, none of that really matters. It is the messages of the film that stand out and those ring through loud and clear.

Chow is good in the role of Ti. It isn’t a bit difficult to imagine that this man would do almost anything for his child.

Xu is amazing in the role of Dicky. He is one of the cutest and freshest child actors to come along in quite awhile. He is fun to watch on screen because every expression rings true.

The screenplay, which was also written by Chow, along with Vincent Kok, is creative and unique. It delivers on many levels.

Chow also directs the film. I have to say that it might have been better served had it rested in the hands of a more experienced director. There were parts of the movie that seemed a bit disjointed. I think that comes from stretching oneself too thin, playing that many roles at one time.

Still, this is a movie worth watching if you don’t mind the subtitles. I give it two and one-half stars out of five.

CJ7 is 86 minutes in length and can be rented through most major movie rental stores.

CJ7: A DVD Movie Review

Rating scale used:

0 = Stinker. Don’t waste the money!

1 = Bad. Rent it at your own risk.

2 = Below Average. See it only if you have time to kill.

2.5 = Average. A toss up.

3 = Good. Worth a looksee.

3.5 = Very Good. I recommend it.

4 = Excellent. Don’t miss it!

4.5 = Outstanding. What are you waiting for?

5 = Destined to become a classic. You will be sorry if you don’t see it.

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