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U&C Casual & comfortable loafers can be worn with khakis and denim , and sock less with shorts during all seasons. Go for Jeans and a t-shirt if you want to keep things relaxed , and a shirt and chinos if you want something with a little more class.

New Shoes department of 2021

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There are various types of footwear such as shoes, socks, and sandals that are worn for foot protection and fashion, depending on the purpose and use of the footwear, and the gender and age of the user. Examples include jogging shoes that are lightweight for long-distance running and absorb the load at the time of landing, […]

The best office shoes for 2021: Our Best Sellers

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How to combine the comfort of the footwear and the elegance? Comfortable shoes … a priority Our feet are so precious! Finding an elegant shoe that fits is not always easy. The UNCMART comfort shoes have a chic and elegant range with a small heel that meets the demands of modern women while respecting the natural shape […]

The ideal shoes for Every day

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Who is this style of shoe for? Fashion suitable for almost all working women who are constantly moving throughout the day. Depending on the models and colors, there are also many cheap branded women’s sneakers that can be worn by all age groups, such as the cheap women’s sneakers from Puma or the cheap Geox women’s […]

Espadrilles – trend shoes for the summer

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Espadrilles – trend shoes for the summer Espadrilles (espadrij) are shoe favorites for hot summer days. For a long time it was quiet around the popular canvas models that could be seen everywhere in the 80s. But espadrilles have been back in fashion for a long time. The simple slippers – with braided hemp or […]

5 types of shoes every women should all have

We often think that we must have several types of shoes to not only have the choice, to go with all our outfits but also to be trendy. But all fashion experts agree that in reality everyone should own 5 pairs of shoes. Indeed, the list of essentials is limited to 5 types of versatile and basic shoes that […]

TOP 6 types of sneakers trending in 2021

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Noble men’s sneakers that not everyone has Sneakers have established themselves and are not only considered trendy shoes for the sporty types among us. The variety is huge, so that the right sneakers can be found for almost every outfit. Everyone knows classic sneakers like Converse, Nike, Puma and adidas. So-called “noble sneakers” have also […]

120 Types of shoes models

120 Types of shoes models

When buying shoes on the Internet, you are spoiled for choice between different categories, types and types of shoes. We would like to help you with the purchase decision between fringed boots, sneakers, women’s shoes, high heels, party shoes and cowboy boots and many other types of comfortable shoes. For this reason, we will introduce […]

Sustainable eco sneakers: 7 of the best labels Sneakers


Sustainable eco sneakers: 7 of the best labels Sneakers are among the hottest trend shoes ever. They are comfortable all-rounders and make it sustainable and pollutant-free without losing style. More and more sneakers are made from socially responsible, environmentally friendly and harmless materials. So that we can ultimately wear sustainable eco-shoes, many factors are decisive […]