Best Wedding Footwear to Buy

Wedding season is all about the glamour and fashion. Indian weddings are a big deal and people tend to empty their pockets with all the expenditure. Everyone including the groom and bride want to look their best. All are busy shopping for the best outfit and shoes for themselves and it’s not a single function but there are a plethora of ceremonies to look for. So to make the hunt easier let’s dig in some wedding footwear features.

  1. It is a wedding so definitely you need glittery heels with embellishments embedded on them and they should look really glamorous.
  2. It’s not wise especially if you are the bride to wear too much pointy footwear as you have to walk around and do stuff, they may not be the most secure footwear so here wedges, platform heels, block heels are some of the options to look for.  Heels
  3. The footwear should be highly attractive and of premium quality which can’t afford to create any kind of mishap during the function.
  4. Of Course the price matters too, as these footwear can be worn only for weddings you have to spend accordingly.

Wedding shoes for the bride.

  1. For Christian weddings with the beautiful long white gown you have absolutely elegant and breathtaking pumps which are also white in colour and which are covered with lace material and pearls. Presence of straps also uplifts the look of the footwear. These are must-have options in white.Fancy heels
  2. Ballet flats with matt finish are the best for sangeet, the night before wedding where everyone is in the dancing fervor and you can also move to the tunes of music. As the flats will not produce any kind of discomfort.
  3. Gold and silver are the wedding colours and the pretty lehenga’s the Indian brides wear just compliments the shoes of this colour very well. Picking up any kind of footwear in these colours is a great idea.High heels
  4. Wedges with sequence work done on them will definitely compliment the vibe of the wedding.
  5. The most comfortable shoes, the juttis for the bride, even for the bridesmaid and other girls who want to look the best in Indian weddings. juttis fit the traditional look of the outfit and are curated by using gems and lovely looking stones.
  6. Completely metallic footwear are also thumbs up for the wedding look and you will look the best with the lehenga on.
  7. Designer footwear are also trending these days and can be made matching with the outfit.Heels
  8. For a haldi ceremony you can choose subtle footwear, flats or sandals would be a good choice.


Wedding shoes for the groom

  1. Juttis shoes for men, yes you heard it right, they are now bought everywhere and juttis with sequence and thread work are available in colours like white, off white, golden, silver and brown. The material is soft and highly comfortable and is suitable for the traditional look that you want to portray.Jutti
  2. Slip- ons which have embroidered designs are fabulous choices, might be on a little higher scale in terms of money but are totally worth it to look all glamorous on your wedding day.Jutti
  3. For Christian weddings to compliment your neat and stunning suit and tie combination, you can wear brogues in the perfect shade and let your outfit make the noise.
  4. Wearing peshawaris for the wedding is a thing and you can wear them as varying designs and rich colours are now readily available.Shoes
  5. Black oxfords are the statement shoes for weddings and even fits the bachelorette party look very well. It is a versatile shoe and can be used for future formal events.


Some of the much needed tips to watch out for

  1. To help you maintain your balance as who wants a fall on their wedding day and to make your shoes anti- slippery, gently rub the bottom of the footwear with the help of sandpaper.
  2. Buying shoes of gradual slope and not very thin heels will help you prevent the pain after the wedding is over.
  3. As the wedding will run for over a week, you can’t afford to wear the shoes continuously so taking tiny breaks and taking off the shoes is highly recommended.
  4. Practice walking in the wedding shoes as it will make you accustomed to it and also moisturize the feet nicely before you wear the footwear as the best of the shoes can give you a shoe bite.
  5. Having a backup option for the footwear is a best idea as you can’t predict the situation and if your feet feel really tired you can silently slip into the other pair.
  6. For the groom there is not much tension as the shoe is flat and even if there is a heel its minute. But surely wearing the shoe for the whole day is not easy and breaks should be taken.
  7. Checking the proper fitting with and without the socks is mandatory whenever buying a new pair. Preparation well in advance is always good.

 After all it’s a big day and everyone wants to sport the best outfit possible. Choosing a great pair of shoes is ideal as they will be present in the memory lane forever. One bad choice will haunt you forever. A secure and best looking footwear is your best friend forever for that one day. Nothing is too much and don’t worry you would not overdo the dress up.

The heavy footwear can be further reused for another wedding and that is why it’s important to carefully judge the quality and price before buying.

Here I have summarized different shoes available for the bride and the groom and rest of the family members too can choose their favourites from the above options and do not forget to take care of some of the tips and tricks which will prevent accidents on the special day.Thank you so much for reading. I hope you liked the article. Happy shopping!


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