5 Best Shoes for men

Footwear is an essential item for all people but somehow the attention is diverted more towards women’s shoes and the men’s footwear is left behind. That is the reason, let us throw some light on the best one for men. Men also require shoes that fit their style and comfort level.

1. Formal :

Also known as dress shoes, these are the ones often seen in men who go to offices and attend meetings and other formal gatherings. This is the perfect wear for suits and tuxedos. Trending colors of this type are black, brown, and shades in that tone which are usually dark.

White shoes are the rarest of them. Leather is the main material used in making these . Upon polishing with shoe polish they get attractive shine and these are very easy to clean. As you wear these only indoors, they need little maintenance. One prerequisite is keeping them away from water and moisture. They are very much durable.shoes

2. Loafers :

Loafers are semi-formal slip-on  that are perfect for formal and informal occasions. These are must-haves in the closet. They are easy to wear yet stylish to put on and flaunt. Loafers are made of leather or suede material and last for a long time if taken properly care of.

Leather shoes need the utmost care to retain the shine on them. Do not use direct water to wash your shoes made of leather, you can however use a damp cloth soaked in water and just dab the cloth on the shoes evenly. Buying some products to keep these in the best condition would not do much harm. There is an availability of shoe conditioner and creams in the market, which can be applied easily with the help of brushes.

shoes for men

3. Sneakers:

Sneakers are casual shoes fit for every occasion and they uplift the mood of any outfit automatically. Sneakers are easy to style and almost go with all the color combinations, especially with white ones. There are various types of sneakers to choose from and definitely, you will find your perfect match.

You should use your shoes carefully and prevent them from getting any wrinkles and dirty stains and if the shoe is white then it will be very difficult for you to get rid of them. Wash it with the use of a little detergent by hand for the best results. Completely dried one should be stored in a clean and dry place. As moisture will attract dust .

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4. Sports:

At some point of time in life you will end up wearing sports shoes, maybe for running, trekking, playing any sport etc. One must have at least one pair of sports shoes. Selecting the best sport shoe is the only task you will have to go through, keeping in mind the exact size of your feet for that flawless fit, is required. There are endless specifications of the shoes as well, the sole, insole, outsole and stuff like that you need to check before buying.

The cushioning for the shoe is done as per the requirement of the user depending on the activity that he will undergo. Not only are they meant for a specific activity but sports shoes can be worn as a daily wear as it gives firm grip while walking and boosts your confidence.

history 15 You Need Comfort in FootwearOf Course, different brands offer you great designs and a variety of color combinations and keep you interested.

5. Flip flops:

These are the comfiest and go to wear footwear when you are travelling or at home. Easy to wear, simplistic, you literally wear them to protect your feet and that’s it. Nobody plans to wear flip- flops but you are already wearing them.
They vary based on the material they are composed of.

Slides are shoes inspired from flip flops. Flip flops are the first thing you carry when you plan to visit a beach, they just go hand in hand. These are easy to clean, just one wash and they are good to go.
They are cheap too.

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Styling with the shoes

1.    Styling your formal shoes with formal wear is quite an easy job, wear your shoes with a suit and formal pants with a tie. Wearing dress shoes with socks is best. Always match the color of your shoes with the suit color.
2.    Loafers are very flexible and can be worn with a shirt tucked in with nicely fitting formal pants and you are ready for your office look.
3.    In case you want to wear loafers on a casual look then wear your favorite jeans with a t-shirt and a shirt jacket usually of a lighter tone and the brown-colored loafers will be just the icing on the cake.
4.    Sports shoes you will obviously wear with your shorts and jersey. If for a walk then track pants will do the needful.
5.    You can also rock the show by wearing sports shoes on jeans and a denim jacket combination.
6.    Sneakers just blend with the outfit and you don’t even need much effort here. Wear them with chinos and t-shirts with well-balanced color tones.
7.    Flip flops for a vacation, you should wear a loose shirt with shorts of nude color or brown shades. 
8.    Long pants with a monochrome outfit will look just perfect with flip-flops.
There are many more shoes for men to check out. Here are the top 5 shoes for men that they definitely should possess. This footwear can be considered as a basic necessity and the need for them can arise at any moment.
The 5 footwears will help the men to keep their wardrobe updated and look stylish everywhere they go. Along with buying the shoes, styling them accordingly to look fashionable and trendy is really important at this point in time. Accessorizing will help you make the look top-notch and stay ahead of your time. I hope you have liked this article, thank you for your patient reading.

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