Footwear refers to garments worn on the feet. They serve the protection against the environment such as ground textures and temperature.  shoes primarily serve the purpose of locomotion and prevent injuries. Footwear is used for fashion to indicate the status. Socks are worn additionally between the feet and footwear for further comfort. Cultures have different customs regarding footwear. In these cases, the use of footwear indicates the exercise of power. 

Footwear is in use since the earliest human history. civilizations, like Egypt and Greece, saw no practical need for footwear due to climatic and landscape situations and used shoes primarily as ornaments of power. nowadays footwear is made up of leather or plastic, and rubber.

Leather is used for the first versions of a shoe. The soles can be made of rubber or plastic, and a sheet of metal. Roman had sheets of metal on their soles. footwear is of different types for men and women. but compared to men, the woman has more variety of footwear. I am going to show more I catching foot ware. flats, high heels, shows, etc. high heels are very eye-catching foot ware. 

Girls like foot ware color which matches their outfit. there are different types of sandals that are available for every outfit. flats are suitable for sarees, wedges are suitable for summer gowns. pointed shoes with the same color dress are dazzling outfits. walking and running shoes are used by sportswomen. they are very comfortable while wearing. not wearing proper shoes give ankle pain and leg injuries which cost more health and money.

Types Of Women Footwear

Women love shoes. We are sure that you have many shoes. there are many types of women’s footwear. This will help you to give a new look to your outfits but inevitable fashion faux pas. There are several types and different materials for shoes such as leather, rubber.

The images for different types of footwear are shown below


1. Pumps 

These are flexible types of shoes. They are flat and heeled shoes. They come in many sizes of heels. pumps have or round cut toes.

If we talk about the basic form of pumps, the classic pump is made without laces, straps, or ties. Pumps give glamor to any outfit, no matter it’s formal or casual. In addition, you appear taller. Also, it adjusts posture while accentuating the calves, buttocks, and chest and it lengthens the leg and makes the arch of the foot more defined.

2. Stilettos

Stilettos shoes mean ‘needle heels’. They add elegance to your outfit that too in a split second. However not that easy to walk in these pencil-thin heels. But if you can carr off a stiletto then nothing compares to your glamor. Stilettos are the perfect suitable pair with evening gowns, slim jeans, and even kurtas. Stilettos are defined by a piece of material as they serve as both the sole and the heel. 

3. Wedges

Wedges are comfortable shoes. You can easily put your feet in these gorgeous beautiful shoes. The wedged heel makes you balance easily while walking through the road. Moreover, the wedges pair is used with summer dresses. But nobody can stop you to pull off these shoes.

4. Spool Heel

Spool heels are broader at the top side and narrow at the bottom side. We can say that they are more practical. There is a range of pumps and peep toes that come with spool heels. Moreover, these pumps are suitable for every occasion and you can pair them with classy outfits and casual wear.

5. Loafers

If the goal is only comfort then loafers are the best shoes. What’s more important than adding style along with comfort? For stylish wear, loafers are amazing. You can pair them with jeans, long skirts, formal trousers. They are comfortable. you can sail through a whole day comfortably on your feet with loafers.

6. Kitten Heel

These kitten heels shoes have smaller lengths and they do not put too much pressure on your feet. That’s why their name seems quite appropriate. You can wear them as long as your ankles are visible. You can pair them with your Indian outfits such as kurtas with leggings.

7. Mary Janes or Doll Shoes

These Mary Janes are characterized by low-cut, closed, and strapped styling. Usually, the strap is located on the instep. It comes in both heels and flats. You can decide the type of Mary Janes depending upon your attire. These Doll shoes are known as Bar shoes. American term for these shoes is Mary Janes

8. Ballerinas

These shoes are highly comfortable, as well as casual at the same time. You can choose a variety of different designs for ballerinas, They can be dressy or sparkling ballerinas. You can pair them with almost any dress, the ballerina type depends upon what kind of dress you are wearing and the occasion. To put it simply, you can pair ballerinas with dresses, jumpsuits, jeans, etc.

9. Brogues

Brogue shoes are suitable professional shoes for women. It also gives the masculine trend if you are into that style. You can pair them with formal. Also, it looks great when you pair them with a coat and boyfriend jeans.

10. Sneakers

Sneakers shoes refer to the sporty type. They are suitable for outdoor activities like trekking, running, sports activities.

11. Sandals

 It comes to all open footwear, Sandals are an umbrella term for them. There are many different types of sandals, strappy, heeled, flip-flop, or sliders. 

1. Which Shoes Are Comfortable for Working Women?

It is based on their comfort level. Some people love to work and can sustain an entire day of standing in them. Others are better off wearing b flat sandals to work. they choose the style according to their outfit.

2. Which Footwear is suitable Well With Sarees?

Sandals go best with sarees. Dressy with a bit of heel can make the wearer feel graceful and stylish.

3. Which Shoes Should I can Wear With A Dress?

If it is a Long dress wear it with stilettos.

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